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Eternal Return: Black Survival – Emma Build

Eternal Return Black Survival Emma Build Guide

Welcome to our Eternal Return: Black Survival Emma Build filled with tips and tricks for learning and mastering her. This guide includes specific items to use, tips for how to use her skills, and other miscellaneous tricks you may not know. If you’re looking for general Eternal Return: Black Survival tips and tricks, we have those here too.

Skills With Tips
Build Items and Route
Emma Tips and Tricks

Learning Emma’s Skills

Eternal Return Emma Dove Dealer Dove Dealer (Q) Dove Dealer is an interesting skill shot ability. It first works as a normal skill shot forward, but after being used once, you’ll drop a dove at your feet. The next time you use Dove Dealer while near this dove, it will also send out a skill shot of its own. If you hit an enemy with both doves, their movement speed is slowed. Plus, you’ll get a reduced cooldown by one second for each hit.
Eternal Return Emma Hat Trick  Hat Trick (W) Hat Trick is a strong AoE where Emma throws her hat at someone, exploding after 0.8 seconds. This is a commonly maxed skill first for many players. It’s easier to hit reliably compared to Dove Dealer. Successful hits also reduce its cooldown by three seconds.
Eternal Return Emma Bunnymorph Bunnymorph (E) Bunnymorph turns a target into a bunny, where they’re slowed and can no longer use any skills. However, there’s also a passive that gives Emma health equal to any SP consumed. Bunnymorph is a decent way to throw off any character mid-combo.
Eternal Return Emma Change Change (R) Change is a complicated ultimate with three different uses that vary based on which skill it’s used with. Fortunately, it has a short 18-second cooldown so you can use it frequently.
  • Dove – Using Change on a dove teleports Emma to it, dealing damage to any enemies along the way and rooting them. The dove swaps position with Emma’s previous spot.
  • Hat – Teleports to a Hat, dealing damage to enemies at Emma’s last position and pulling them toward it.
  • Rabbit – Teleports to a Bunnymorphed character, polymorphing anything nearby. This includes both players and animals.
Eternal Return Emma CheerUP CheerUP (Passive) CheerUP buffs Emma’s next normal attack every few seconds based on her SP. After an attack with this passive, she gains a shield based on her max SP.
Eternal Return Emma Caltrops Caltrops (D) Caltrops is a weapon skill that throws caltrops in a large area, dealing damage and slowing enemies inside. This can deal decent damage late game while also helping you escape if need be.

Emma Wind & Fire Build Items

Eternal Return Black Survival Emma Build Route

Two Emma builds are listed below with one focusing on an early Wind & Fire and the other building around high crit chance. The Wind & Fire build is courtesy of streamer, Tomsorcer, here. While the crit build is from an Eternal Return: Black Survival player, Alex Ich. I like Wind & Fire over Flechette since you have more charges on your weapon to play with. However, the full crit build is definitely powerful with a 57% chance to crit.

The Wind & Fire route relies on teleporting around via the hyperloop, in the beginning. This helps significantly with getting your weapon early. However, since Temple is often a highly populated start, you may struggle to get every item. This is why it’s important to learn some side areas you may be able to dip into.

  • Build Import Code (Wind & Fire): 210426
  • Build Import Code (Crit): 210424
Wind & Fire Wheels Attack Power +55, Skill Amplification +20%, 50 Max Charges
Covert Agent Uniform Defense +23, HP Regen +2.5, Cooldown Reduction +15%
Imperial Burgonet Defense +10, Max SP +200, Movement Speed +0.1, Critical Damage Reduction +10%, Cooldown Reduction +10%, Skill Amplification +18%
Draupnir Defense +10, Max SP +240, HP Regen +1, Skill Amplification +17%
Straightjacket Sneakers SP Regen +0.7, SP Regen +50%, Movement Speed +0.35, Skill Amplification +10
Uchiwa SP Regen +100%, Life Steal +15%, Skill Amplification +21

Quick Emma Tips and Tricks

Eternal Return Black Survival Emma Tips and Tricks

  • Leveling Emma’s Hat Trick (W) seems to be the more common move instead of Dove Dealer (Q). It’s also easier to land hits with.
  • Using Emma’s Change (R) skill with Hat Trick (W) can teleport through walls. This is great for escaping and chasing.
  • Your Bunnymorph (E) skill is a great way to throw off someone’s combo, while also providing a short window of vulnerability.
  • Caltrops are another useful skill for escaping, but it can also deal significant damage. This helps keep a distance between your target and you while fighting.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with Change (R) as it has a short cooldown.
  • Initiating with Dove Dealer (Q) early is important so you have the second dove ready to help.
  • Part of what makes Emma a difficult character in Eternal Return is that you have to always be planning ways to setup enemies.
  • Try not to aimlessly use your skills as both your Q and W have shorter cooldowns on hit.

My Opinion on Playing Emma

Emma’s a tough character that doesn’t seem overpowered or too weak right now. Win rates put her at 6.1% which makes her an average tier character. I’m not sure I’ve found a build I like yet as she comes across as extremely squishy without being a glass cannon. This makes for a tough early game unless you can keep people away from you. Unfortunately leading to many difficult matchups against mobile characters. Despite being a tough character, I enjoy playing Emma and I like how she heals off of SP consumed. That’s definitely a small but unique mechanic.

If you’re playing Eternal Return: Black Survival and have some Emma tips of your own, be sure to let others know in the comments. And if you’re looking for more content, we’ve got a tier list guide here based on win rates. Or if you’d prefer some tips on leveling quickly, we’ve got that here too.