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Teardown – How to Get All Weapons

Teardown - How to Get All Weapons Guide

If you’re not sure what rank you need to be or how to get every weapon and tool in Teardown, this guide is for you. I’ve also included little tidbits about how every weapon and tool works in case you’re not sure. This helps with realizing what tools are best for each level. And potentially whether it’s worth waiting for that next unlock to complete optional objectives.

How to Get All Weapons in Teardown

Teardown - How to Get All Tools

Before you can unlock all Teardown weapons and tools for your mass destruction plans, you’ll need to rack up some score. As shown in the screenshot above at the top left corner, you can see what your score is while at the main base. You’ll earn one point toward your score for every target/objective you complete, including secondary ones.

Therefore it can be worth returning to missions and completing secondary objectives that you may have missed. This is a good opportunity to unlock new tools and weapons even quicker. Plus, you can keep an eye out for valuables along the way. Those are always good for getting cash in Teardown to improve your items.

Teardown - Completing Secondary Objectives for Score

Fortunately, you don’t need to get every single secondary objective to unlock all the tools and weapons in our table below. This is because there are several ranks near the end that provide a money reward instead. As previously mentioned and in our 10 Best Teardown Tips and Tricks guide, you’ll need that cash for upgrading at the computer.

This guide is up to date with the Teardown full release so we’ve included every weapon and tool available in version 1.0. Such as newer tools like the Vehicle Thruster or Nitroglycerin. However, I didn’t include a few temporary tools that are exclusive to certain levels in the campaign.

Every Tool Rank Unlock in Teardown

Tools Rank to Unlock Description
Sledge Demolisher (1) The first tool/weapon in Teardown is a sledgehammer for destroying wood and glass primarily.
Spraycan Demolisher (1) A useful tool for marking paths along the ground to help plan your mission.
Extinguisher Demolisher (1) A fire extinguisher for putting out fires and preventing a fire alarm from triggering.
Blowtorch Amateur (5) A Blowtorch with limited fuel that can destroy most metal materials in Teardown. While you can’t use it to destroy brick, you can easily set fire to wood.
Plank Trespasser (15) Planks that can be placed at different lengths and will stick to surfaces. You can use this tool to create ramps, bridges, and/or attach objects to each other. Attaching objects works for situations like connecting a plank to a crane for lifting it.
Cable Talented (50) Cables are great for connecting different objects together similar to how Planks work in Teardown.
Leafblower Crackerjack (70) Use the Leafblower to push light objects or help spread flames.
Rocket Booster Professional (80) Rocket Boosters are a placeable item that functions as a thruster on whatever you attach it to. It lasts for a short time after being activated.
Vehicle Thruster Midnighter (90) Vehicle Thrusters are similar to Rocket Boosters but they can only be attached to vehicles. Place them for fun results speeding up your vehicle in the direction you have them facing. They aren’t limited like the Rocket Booster, however.
BlueTide Hot Shot (120) This energy drink in the Teardown universe provides extra movement speed and jump height.

Every Weapon Rank Unlock in Teardown

Weapons Rank to Unlock Description
Shotgun Novice (10) A short-range weapon that can blow chunks through tough materials like brick and metal, unlike the Sledge tool.
Pipe Bomb Breaker (20) The only throwable weapon in Teardown that has a weak explosion before being upgraded. About two seconds to explode once thrown. Works on most tough materials and has a chance to set wood on fire.
Gun Crook (30) A long-range weapon that can penetrate tough materials leaving a small hole behind.
Bomb Wrecker (40) A placeable weapon that creates a large explosion after a four-second timer goes off. This works on the majority of tough materials and often sets wood on fire.
Rocket Ballistic (60) A long-range weapon in Teardown that creates a large explosion on contact. This works on the majority of tough materials and often sets wood on fire.
Nitroglycerin Expert (100) Nitroglycerin is a strong explosive in Teardown that you can place for a destructive impact. The one troublesome part is that you need to trigger it yourself somehow.
Hunting Rifle Top Dog (110) The Hunting Rifle can pair well with Nitroglycerin since you have a scope to shoot from a distance.

That’s all there is to this Teardown guide on how to get all weapons and tools. Be sure to visit our other guide on How to Disable Alarms as well. Or if you’d prefer a more general guide on some of the best tips and tricks instead.