Teardown – How to Get All Weapons

Teardown - How to Get All Weapons Guide

If you’re wondering how to get every weapon in Teardown, you’re in the right place. This guide also explains how to get every tool as you’ll need to unlock certain tools before you can get every weapon. Continue reading below for quick info.

How to Get All Weapons in Teardown

Teardown - How to Get All Weapons

Before you can get every weapon and tool in Teardown for your mass destruction plans, you’ll need to rack up some score. As shown in the screenshot above at the top left corner, you can see what your score is when you’re at the main base. You’ll earn one point toward your score for every target/objective you complete, including secondary ones. That means if you complete more secondary objectives per mission, you’ll unlock new tools and weapons quicker. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to complete every single objective to unlock every weapon.

If you’re wondering what score/rank you need for each weapon and tool, take a look at the table below (scores are approximate). Also, while certain weapons may not be great at first, they can be upgraded using the computer at your main base. This is one of the many tips listed in our 10 Best Teardown Tips and Tricks guide here. Once you’ve unlocked every tool and weapon, new ranks give you money rewards instead.

Tools Rank to Unlock Description
Sledge Demolisher (1) The first tool/weapon in Teardown is a sledgehammer for destroying wood and glass primarily.
Spraycan Demolisher (1) A useful tool for marking paths along the ground to help plan your mission.
Extinguisher Demolisher (1) A fire extinguisher for putting out fires and preventing a fire alarm from triggering.
Blowtorch Amateur (7) A Blowtorch with limited fuel that can destroy most metal materials in Teardown. Can’t destroy brick, and can easily set wood on fire.
Plank Trespasser (19) Planks that can be placed at different lengths and will stick to surfaces. You can use this tool to create ramps, bridges, and/or attach objects to each other. Attaching objects works for situations like connecting a plank to a crane for lifting it.
Weapons Rank to Unlock Description
Shotgun Novice (10) A short-range weapon that can blow chunks through tough materials like brick and metal, unlike the Sledge tool.
Pipe Bomb Breaker (23) The only throwable weapon in Teardown that has a weak explosion before being upgraded. About two seconds to explode once thrown. Works on most tough materials and has a chance to set wood on fire.
Gun Crook (30) A long-range weapon that can penetrate tough materials leaving a small hole behind.
Bomb Unknown (40?) A placeable weapon that creates a large explosion after a four-second timer goes off. This works on the majority of tough materials and often sets wood on fire.
Rocket Ballistic (50) A long-range weapon in Teardown that creates a large explosion on contact. This works on the majority of tough materials and often sets wood on fire.

I hope this quick Teardown guide helps you understand how to get all weapons and tools. If you need any other help regarding Teardown, drop a comment below the article and we’ll try to help. And if you’re wondering how to disable alarms, we’ve got a guide for that here too.

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