Biomutant - Narrator Guide

Biomutant – Do Weapons Break

Biomutant is an open-world RPG where looting items and crafting new weapons is a huge part of the game. Players can craft all sorts of unique melee and ranged weapons…

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Teardown - How to Get All Weapons Guide

Teardown – How to Get All Weapons

If you’re wondering how to get every weapon in Teardown, you’re in the right place. This guide also explains how to get every tool as you’ll need to unlock certain…

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Mortal Shell - Effigies

Mortal Shell – How Many Weapons Are There?

If you’re wondering how many weapons there are in Mortal Shell, this guide answers that. Also, you’ll get a few quick tips and ideas of how each weapon works. Be…

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Escape form Tarkov Edit Preset

Escape from Tarkov – How to Edit Presets

Knowing how to create guns in Escape from Tarkov with Presets is a useful skill to have. As long as you don’t run into bugs, it’s a quick way to…

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