Outriders - World Tier Guide

Outriders – How to Increase World Tier

If you’re wondering how to increase the World Tier in Outriders for better loot and more of a challenge, this guide is for you. Before jumping in, World Tiers are…

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Outriders - How to Farm Legendaries Guide

Outriders – How to Farm Legendaries

Outriders is a looter shooter and you know that means there are some fun items to hunt down. If you plan on getting legendary items, it helps to know the…

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Outriders - Dr Zahedi Crafting

Outriders – How to Craft

If you’ve started playing the third-person shooter Outriders and want to know how to craft, this guide is for you. Before getting into it, it’s important to mention those playing…

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Outriders - All Classes Screenshot

Outriders – How to Change Classes

The third-person shooter Outriders has four different classes people can play. As each has their own playstyle and unique abilities, you may be wondering how to change classes. Unfortunately, the…

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Outriders - Status Effect Guide

Outriders – What Every Status Effect Does

If you’re playing the Outriders and wondering what certain status effects do, this guide is for you. Fortunately, the developers at People Can Fly have included useful guides that explain…

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