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Read through the Opinion section for a subjective dive into different video games from our writers. We’ll always try to deliver a unique angle with an interesting opinion about each topic we cover. You can expect content from a first person point of view, unlike our Features which more often take an objective stance. Since Slyther Games is a small website, you’re more likely to find new content in our Editorials section which serves a similar purpose.

Enlisted is a free to play WW2 game with a squad focus where each soldier has a specific role. While each role revolves around killing enemies for points and getting a high score on the board, engineers are left behind. This is the disappointing reality when games don’t reward those who spend time building fortifications. …

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice released close to two weeks ago and has led to a lot of discussion around how difficulty affects how accessible a video game is. Originally I thought it was a discussion that wouldn’t last too long, perhaps a couple of days. But, over time it grew into more people tweeting about …

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Microtransactions are common in video games today and sometimes that’s okay. Other times, however, it’s not, and it hinders the game. Often when debating how microtransactions affect a game, especially when it’s a game someone loves, they often say, “Just don’t buy them!” This is an easy statement to get behind.

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