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Battlebit Remastered – How to Get Squad Points

Battlebit Remastered - How to Get Squad Points

Understanding how to get squad points in Battlebit Remastered is a significant part of this massive multiplayer FPS. This is important if you’re playing as a squad leader or want to build some sandbags. Otherwise, you won’t have enough to build useful fortifications.

Before diving into this guide, it’s worth mentioning that squad points are different from supply points in Battlebit Remastered. Some players confuse the two despite them being completely separate. Supply points more often refer to the amount of ammo remaining in an ammo box.

How to Get Squad Points in Battlebit Remastered

Battlebit Remastered - How to Get Building Points

Whenever someone in your squad gets squad points, you’ll see them added at the bottom left corner.

Getting squad points often revolves around working with your squad as you’d imagine. This is why it’s better to have a more involved squad leader rather than one not doing anything. Despite Battlebit Remastered automatically setting objective markers even if the squad leader doesn’t.

While certain modes will provide squad points slightly differently, most of them tend to operate similarly. Even though it can be frustrating to get them on modes like Frontline if you’re playing on high-player servers.

Battlebit Remastered - Attacking a Marked Objective

Try to play with your squad at the marked objective whenever possible as shown in this screenshot.

With that said, you should always focus on playing the objective your squad leader marks. If your squad is coordinating together, this isn’t usually an issue in Battlebit Remastered. Because you’re more likely to be going after a reasonable objective. Unless it’s an automatically set one that you have a poor chance of getting.

The reason for prioritizing marked objectives is because getting squad points relies on this. A lot of the actions to get squad points won’t provide any unless they’re done at a marked objective. For example, killing an enemy on a marked objective will provide 50 squad points in Conquest (and similar modes).

Battlebit Remastered - Planting on Rush For Squad Points

I wasn’t able to test certain Battlebit Remastered modes since they’re not currently available. Such as Cash Run where you may get squad points from depositing.

This is one of a few ways the game rewards you for defending a point or pushing enemies out of one. But, you won’t get any doing the same thing on an unmarked objective. Worst case scenario, you can ask your squad leader in text or voice chat to update their marker. Not all squad leaders even realize they’re playing as one.

Before giving you a list of how to get squad points, it’s worth mentioning that they’re shared across your squad. So if you start eating up those points, make sure you have enough to spend. You can see them by checking the bottom left corner or opening the building menu on middle-click by default. Certain modes won’t show it at the bottom left corner, however.

  • 1,000 points for neutralizing a marked objective (Conquest, Domination, etc.)
  • 1,000 points for capturing a marked objective (Conquest, Domination, etc.)
  • 100 points for planting a marked objective (Rush)
  • 100 points for diffusing a marked objective (Rush)
  • 50 points for killing an enemy on an objective (Conquest, Domination, etc.)
Battlebit Remastered - Capturing Objectives For Squad Points

Unless you’re going for a far objective, try to get at least one person on the first one for points.

As long as you make an effort to work with your squad at a marked objective, you’re likely to passively get squad points. A good opportunity to get a couple hundred early is on maps that revolve around capturing objectives. This is because the first couple of points are easier to get as long as you can get a squad member there.

Even though neutralizing and capturing a point gives a nice 200 squad points, you’ll get a lot from killing enemies. But, as previously mentioned, it can take longer if you’re playing on a smaller server with not as many players.

Battlebit Remastered - Defending an Objective

Defending an objective with enemies on it can make for a good opportunity. If an objective is flashing on the map, that means an enemy is there.

My final tip before ending this guide on how to get squad points in Battlebit Remastered is to not dip below 200. This is because it costs 200 for a squad leader to place a rally point to spawn at. While this is only for your squad, it can help you respawn closer to a marked objective. Especially if you’re deep in enemy territory. In spite of Frontline not allowing rally points.