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Battlebit Remastered – How to Heal

Battlebit Remastered - How to Heal

When you’re playing with over 250 players in Battlebit Remastered, you’re bound to get hit often from random directions. Regardless of whether you’re close to the action or not, it’s important to know how to heal. However, this can be confusing since you don’t have a health bar or number anywhere to check.

Therefore, it can be difficult to understand how low on health you are. Even though you can see how much health other friendly players have if you’re playing as a medic. With that said, every class can bandage themselves to prevent bleeding. But not every class can heal themselves back to full health.

How to Heal in Battlebit Remastered

Knowing How Much Health You Have

Battlebit Remastered - How to See Health

That red jelly covering your screen in Battlebit Remastered is never a good sign.

If you start to notice the borders around your screen are filled with blood leaking in, it’s time to heal. Despite not having a health bar, this is a good way to understand how hurt you are. Essentially it’s as basic as the more blood you see, the less health you have. So if a medic revives you and you immediately run off, you’re not at full health.

While I can’t guarantee every Battlebit Remastered medic player will heal you after reviving, many will. So if you see that you’re being healed and aren’t in a bad spot, be patient. Otherwise, you’re bound to easily get one hit by a sniper.

How to Bandage Yourself and How Many Each Class Has

Battlebit Remastered - How to Bandage Bleeding

Try not to wait too long before stopping your bleeding or else you may bleed out.

Fortunately, you don’t have to always rely on a medic player if you’re hurt. As mentioned quickly in the intro of this guide, every class can bandage themselves if they’re bleeding. This is when a message appears on your screen saying so and by default, you can hold 3 to start bandaging.

For every time you bandage yourself or another player, you’ll consume one bandage. So it’s important to realize they’re limited even though you can get more from ammo boxes. This is one of many reasons it’s worth having at least one medic in your squad. Here are the bandage amounts per class:

  • Medic – 20
  • Assault – 6
  • Engineer – 6
  • Support – 6
  • Leader – 5
  • Recon – 5
Battlebit Remastered - Bandaging Other Players Bleeding

If you see a small red drop over someone like shown in this screenshot, they’re bleeding. You can use a bandage on them as well.

The other benefit of having a medic in your squad regarding bandaging is that they bandage quicker. So if you’re closer to bleeding out, a medic can bandage you much faster. This also goes for reviving other players. Similar to every class having a bandage for bleeding, you can also use them to revive friendly players.

It’ll just take a lot longer for you to do if you’re not playing as a medic. But, it’s often still worth doing if you can successfully drag a player out of action. Especially if it’s someone in your squad or you’re low on people taking a point in Conquest.

Battlebit Remastered - Being Revived

If you don’t mind using voice chat, you use proximity to call for help. But be careful, nearby enemies can hear you too.

Despite being able to stop bleeding and revive other players without being a medic, you won’t be able to heal yourself. So if you want to get rid of all that blood on your screen, continue reading into the next section. Fortunately, it isn’t too complicated even though there are a couple of ways.

How to Heal as Medic in Battlebit Remastered

Learning How the Medic Kit Works

Battlebit Remastered - How to Heal Yourself

The Medic Kit is a great tool for keeping both yourself and others alive. It’s also an easy way to get points.

The medic kit should be your most used equipment if you’re playing a medic to heal other players. By default, you can pull this equipment out by pressing 5. The medic kit will let you heal both yourself and other players. Even though you’ll still need to use bandages for bleeding and reviving. So it doesn’t work for every situation.

With that said, you can hold left-click while using it to heal yourself. Depending on how hurt you are, it shouldn’t take too long and you’ll even see a health bar appear. Otherwise, you still have to guess how hurt you are based on the blood around your screen.

Battlebit Remastered - How to Heal as Medic

Many players will be happy to see you once you start healing them. So don’t be surprised if they nod at you, wiggle, jump up and down, or actually thank you over voice chat.

Despite not being able to easily see your own health as a medic, you can always see the health of nearby friendly players. They’ll have a small plus icon over their body with a circle around it. That circle represents how full their health is. If you don’t see one at all, you’re either too far away or they’re at full health.

In order to heal another player as a medic, you can use your medic kit and hold right-click when close and looking at them. Don’t worry about slowing them down or holding them in place, Battlebit Remastered doesn’t do anything like that. You can heal a player a little bit if they’re in a hurry or heal them to full.

Battlebit Remastered - How to Drop Medic Kits

Medic Kits dropped on the ground can be a useful way to heal several players without being nearby.

Other than healing a player directly with your medic kit, you can also drop it on the floor for them to use. They won’t be able to pick it up as you can. But, they can interact with it to heal their health in small chunks. This is a neat trick not as many people likely know about. You can drop it by pressing X, by default.

If you only have one medic kit, you may not want to do this since you can’t get more from an ammo box. However, you can change your character’s gear to get more. Medic kits count as a secondary gadget so you’ll need to change your backpack.

Battlebit Remastered - Customizing Medic Character Equipment

Customize your equipment by clicking the Character button near the bottom left corner, on the deploy screen. You can’t do this from the main menu, but you can do it in the shooting range.

Even though you have a limited amount of medic kits to drop, they won’t run out while using them to heal. So if you’re running around with only one medic kit healing yourself and others, don’t worry, they won’t break.

That’s all there is to this long in-depth guide on everything to know about healing in Battlebit Remastered. Now get out there and start healing other players or be the medic that only heals themselves! Being able to heal yourself is definitely one of the popular reasons to play as a medic.