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All Wartales Professions and How to Unlock

Wartales - All Professions and How to Unlock

Wartales professions are an important mechanic for a variety of tasks while also buffing your companions. Every job has a purpose such as crafting Medicine at an Apothecary or playing a Lute to make money as a Bard. This is why we put together this guide to help players discover every profession and how to unlock them.

Obvious quick disclaimer here that there are minor spoilers in the next section. While we don’t discuss any of the region stories or quests, we do have a table with every single profession in it. So this disclaimer is for those of you that may not want to see one you haven’t found yet. But there isn’t really anything to worry about.

All Wartales Professions and How to Unlock Them

Wartales - Tiltren County Apothecary

Holding Alt while inside certain areas will highlight different things you can interact with. It can still be difficult to see, however.

Depending on how new to Wartales you are, I want to quickly explain how unlocking new professions works. Before you discover a job, you’ll need to interact with something that’s relevant to it. For example, the first job in the table below is the Alchemist. This requires going to a town that has an Apothecary and interacting with the workbench inside.

You’ll immediately discover the job and can then set one of your companions to it. However, it’s important to not constantly change the professions of your companions. This is because they’ll lose any experience they’ve gained toward their active job.

Wartales - Changing Professions on a Companion

Using our table below you can get a good idea of which professions are best for each Wartales class.

The benefit of leveling a profession up is that you’ll get higher stat bonuses alongside other useful benefits. Such as learning more advanced recipes to craft. While certain jobs like the Miner will need higher ranks to get resources for late-game gear. Otherwise, they’ll only be able to get low-tier resources like iron ore.

With that said, I didn’t include every profession tier bonus in the table since I can’t data mine the information. While I did search for more information that others have shared, nothing is consistent enough for me to trust the accuracy. Such as the different attribute bonuses per profession tier.

Name How to Unlock Bonuses
Alchemist Interact with an Apothecary workbench. Provides dexterity.
Angler Interact with a fishing spot either near the water or at certain fishery buildings. Provides willpower and critical hit chance.
Bard Get the Lute Recipe from the Cursed Village of Lethyre in Ludern. Then, build it in your camp and interact with it. Provides constitution and willpower.
Blacksmith Interact with an anvil at a Forge. Provides strength.
Cook Interact with a Cooking Pot at your camp. Provides constitution.
Miner Interact with an ore vein inside a mine. Provides constitution and strength.
Scholar Interact with a Lectern at your camp. Provides willpower.
Thief Use the steal button in a shop window or try to pick a chest lock. Provides dexterity and critical hit chance.
Tinkerer Interact with a Workshop at your camp. Provides critical hit chance.
Woodcutter Interact with a chopping block at any location that has one. Provides strength and critical hit chance.

That’s all there is to this quick Wartales guide on all the different professions and how to unlock them. When you’re still early on in your playthrough you likely won’t have enough people for each role. However, you’ll eventually have a chance to recruit more people if you get a good grasp of the economy. But, there are certain jobs you can pass on for now.

There’s definitely more value in having an Angler for fishing than a Woodcutter for getting wood. Not to say you can’t sell the extra wood you have for some Krowns, but it’s not the most reliable way to make money in Wartales. Whereas getting food can be expensive as your party grows.