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Wartales – Where to Go Next in Region Order

Wartales - Tiltren County Region Order Guide

One of the most common questions in the Wartales community is where to go next or what the region order is. This mostly revolves around players who have picked the region-locked exploration mode. Unlike the adaptive exploration mode, each region has its own difficulty creating an order that you should go in.

If you make the mistake of going to the wrong region next, this can lead to a significantly high increase in difficulty. Which can easily ruin your playthrough when companion deaths are permanent unless you save scum. And depending on your playthrough setup, that may not be an option.

Where to Go Next in the Wartales Region Order

Wartales - High Level Enemies in Grinmeer Province

Nobody wants to wander into a ghost pack this tough right after completing Tiltren County. Follow the region order to avoid them!

If you’re simply looking for where to go after the first region, Tiltren County, we have a guide for that. But, if you’re looking for a quick guide on the region order, continue reading below. I’ve also included a brief range of what levels you can expect based on my own playthrough. It’s entirely possible to run into enemies outside each range, however.

It’s also worth mentioning that guard patrols seem to be more heavily reliant on your Wanted Level. So if you have a high suspicion, you’re more likely to run into higher-level patrols regardless of your region. With that said, enemy levels are relatively consistent in each region. Such as fighting a pack of wolves or bandits having the same level.

  1. Tiltren County(Independent State): Enemy levels are around 3.
  2. County of Arthes(Kingdom of Edoran): Enemy levels are around 5 to 6.
  3. Vertruse Province(Kingdom of Gosenberg): Enemy levels are around 5 to 6.
  4. Ludern Region(Harag Kingdom): Enemy levels are around 7.
  5. Grinmeer Province(Kingdom of Gosenberg): Enemy levels are anywhere from 8 to 10.
  6. Drombach County(Kingdom of Alazar): Enemy levels are around 11 to 12.
Wartales - Cortia Town in County of Arthes

Following the region order can help you avoid wasting Krowns or a Border Pass you may have gotten.

While it’s common that players recommend the County of Arthes(Kingdom of Edoran) after Tiltren County, you can get away with visiting Vertruse Province too. This is mostly because the enemy levels you’ll encounter are similar between the two. Even though you’ll run into different enemy types.

That aside, I didn’t include the Mount Altis region since it’s a tiny one without any quests. I’d also say it’s the easiest region since the enemies here are only around levels 1 and 2. You can find it between Tiltren County and the Ludern Region. Regardless, be careful to not make your way into Ludern by mistake.

Wartales - Mount Altis Road Sign

While Mount Altis does have an inn to visit, there isn’t much else going on here.

That’s all there is to this short guide on where to go next in Wartales if you’re ever not sure. If you picked the adaptive exploration difficulty, you can likely get away with any region order. However, you’re welcome to follow this order for the region-locked exploration difficulty as well. It won’t hurt you either way.