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Wartales – Where to Go After Tiltren

Wartales - Where to Go After Tiltren Guide

Deciding where to go after Tiltren County in Wartales can be confusing. Especially if you picked the region-locked exploration difficulty as opposed to the adaptive one. This is because the region-locked choice makes it so each area has its own set difficulty.

Therefore, you could easily make the mistake of going from an area with low-level enemies to extremely high-level ones. Which is the last thing you want to do if you’re using up a Border Pass or paying 200 Krowns to get in. So continue reading our Wartales guide for tips on which of the six main regions you should visit next.

Where to Go After Tiltren in Wartales

Should You Visit Arthes/Edoran Next?

Wartales - County of Arthes Border Crossing

Certain quests can point you toward a different region from Tiltren, but they don’t give you much advice on the region order.

The story for each region tends to be separate from the others even though you may catch minor connections between them. This can make it disappointing if you’re looking for an overarching main story that ties the entire game together. However, there are still reasons to pick one over another, regardless of difficulty.

Many players recommend going to the region west of Tiltren, County of Arthes/Kingdom of Edoran. While the story is confusing and doesn’t tell you a lot, this at least points you toward where the refugees are fleeing from.

Should You Visit Vertruse/Gosenberg Next?

Wartales - Vertruse Province Border Crossing

The second choice after Tiltren, if you’re trying to follow a region order in Wartales, is Vertruse/Gosenberg.

With that said, you can go north to the Vertruse Province/Kingdom of Gosenberg instead for a similar difficulty. Personally, I went to Vertruse first without really thinking much of it in my region-locked playthrough. I double-checked the enemies of each region later and they’re both anywhere from level 5 to 6.

Even though I did find a level 4 bandit roaming the County of Arthes. So it’s possible you’re still better off going there first instead. However, one reason some people recommend going to Gosenberg is because it has a jail for getting rid of prisoners. While the County of Arthes does not.

Wartales - Vertruse Jail Inside Screenshot

Jails spread throughout Wartales can be a good opportunity to look for new recruits as well.

This can be a decent way to make money in Wartales if you’re able to capture bandits near jails. Especially since you won’t have to feed them if you offload them quickly. But, if you’re in the County of Arthes, you have to make quite the journey back to the Tiltren Jail. At this point, it’s not really worth the hassle.

Just make sure you don’t go to the Ludern Region/Harag Kingdom when deciding where to go after Tiltren. You’re guaranteed to have a bad time if you go there with the region-locked exploration choice. This plague-filled region east of Tiltren will have you constantly using medicine and severely under-leveled.

Wartales - Screenshot of Ludern Region Swamp

This dark swamp-filled region is not a fun place to be even if you are prepared.

I don’t recommend going to the Ludern Region until you’ve at least completed both the County of Arthes and Vertruse Province. By that point, you’ll be a bit more prepared for the higher-level enemies there. I ran back to the area to double-check enemy levels and mostly see level 7.

That’s pretty much all there is to this guide on where to go after Tiltren. Although the first two regions we mentioned are immediately bordering Tiltren, you could technically squeeze over to Ludern. But it’d clearly be a bad idea. And any regions beyond these three are even harder so they’re not worth checking yet.


Sunday 21st of May 2023

Hey, Jeff, where to go after Drombach campaign?

Jeffrey Lerman

Monday 22nd of May 2023

Heyo, I haven't completed Drombach yet myself, but from what I can tell, I think that's the final area. Otherwise, you can work through other content like side quests and tombs if you haven't yet. Or if you're the type that likes to hunt down achievements that's always an option too.