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Marauders – How to Extract

Marauders - How to Extract

Knowing how to extract in the hardcore looter shooter Marauders is one of the most important parts of the game. If you jumped right in and you’re not quite sure how something works, this guide is for you. Don’t worry, it’s easy to get confused about certain parts of extracting depending on your situation.

For example, what do you do if your ship gets destroyed before you even make it to the base to start looting? This can be tricky if you haven’t been in that situation yet and can even make you panic a little bit. But, there’s no need to freak out since we’ve got a bunch of tips for you.

How to Extract in Marauders

The Main Way to Extract With Your Loot

Marauders - How to Find Airlock Door Exit

Whether you’re new to Marauders or not, it can be easy to lose track of where your ship is docked. So try to make mental notes of different landmarks and paths.

If you’ve played similar games like Escape from Tarkov or even Vigor, escaping works a little differently in Marauders. Instead of having a list of potential extracts/exits, you’ll only have one most of the time. This is because of how the game loop works in Marauders unlike the others.

When you first enter a raid, you’ll start out in a ship and need to pilot it to the closest base to start looting. If you successfully dock at that facility, you can then enter it via the airlock. This is where it’s important to remember the spot you entered after leaving your airlock. Because you’ll need to return to this exact spot to extract.

Marauders - How to Extract Using Escape Gate

Try not to draw attention to yourself when you’re leaving or else you may end up with another player destroying you. And even if that does happen, you can still refer to our next guide section for help.

Once you return to the airlock entrance, you can interact with a computer near the door to unlock it. It’s important that you still have your Captain Keycard equipped, otherwise you won’t be able to unlock it. Also, you can only use it at your airlock, so if you’re at the wrong one, it won’t work. Now for the final step to extracting with your loot in Marauders.

At this point, you’ll need to return to piloting your ship in space and finding an Escape Gate. If you’re not sure what one looks like, you can see it in the screenshot above. There should be two in every raid that you can escape to. All you need to do is fly into it and you’ll leave the zone with your loot. If another player destroys your ship before escaping, check the next section in this guide.

How to Extract With an Escape Pod

Marauders - How to Use Escape Pod

Escape Pods are always great for getting out of a bad situation fast. However, some players like to use them more aggressively for boarding ships. Get ready if someone breaches yours!

While we already got the main method of extracting out of the way, there are a few other tricks. This one is more so for when you’re in a bad spot and need to escape immediately. As mentioned in the intro, it’s possible your ship may get blown up by other players. This can happen when you’re on the way to the base or even when you’re trying to extract. So you need to make sure you have a backup plan to survive.

Every ship in Marauders has escape pods that you can use to get away. These have bright red lights attached to them making them easier to notice. All you need to do is run up to one and interact with the door to enter it. A short cutscene will trigger and then you’ll have an opportunity to try to fly away. However, other players can still destroy your pod. At this point, you can either fly to an Escape Gate or try to breach another player’s ship using your pod.

Stealing Someone’s Ship in Marauders and Extracting

Marauders - Stealing A Ship Using Keycard

The Captain Keycard has its’ own unique slot as you can see below the area for your pockets. You can loot one off of a dead player.

This trick to escaping is the exception for where there’s more than one way to leave a base. Even though I mentioned you’ll need to return to your airlock, this is where that can change. If you take out another player and then loot their Captain Keycard, you can extract using their ship. This can be fun to take advantage of if you’re just using a Rustbucket ship.

Make sure you equip their Captain Keycard or you won’t be able to unlock their airlock. The one annoying part of extracting this way is you won’t know where their ship is docked. So you’ll need to try a few airlocks or at least check the nearby ones first. If you don’t have any luck, you can still switch back to your keycard and leave. Plus, that one-slot keycard will also sell for around $1k. Fair warning, I’ve seen on Reddit that some players are reporting bugs with this method.

One Final Tip That You Need to Know

Marauders - How to See Oxygen Remaining

Unless you plan on staying in a raid for a long time, you probably won’t run out of oxygen. But, if you’re scraping every container or farming for experience, you may.

Our last Marauders tip for players is to not forget about your oxygen. While games like Escape from Tarkov give you a timer for how long you can last in the raid, Marauders does the same with oxygen instead. You can open your inventory to check your remaining oxygen at the top left. Once you reach 10 minutes remaining, it will stay visible at the top of your screen as well.

Some players like to let the timer tick down before leaving their airlock to rat their way through the raid. This gives you less time to explore, but you can scavenge what others have left behind. Make sure to leave yourself enough time to escape in space since your oxygen is still limited. In my experience, leaving in space takes around two minutes in the Rustbucket. Assuming you can find the Escape Gate easily.

Marauders - Extracting With Low Oxygen

Leave yourself enough oxygen to still escape with your ship so you don’t lose prematurely! The last thing you want to do is lose your loot in space when you’re practically out.

That’s all there is to this in-depth Marauders guide on how to extract/exit. While the concept is relatively simple, I do understand getting confused about how certain parts work. I wasn’t sure what to do the first time I used an emergency escape pod. So I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens to you or other players too. Make sure to check out our other guide on How to Scrap if you need materials.