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Marauders – How to Scrap

Marauders - How to Scrap Guide

Scrapping is a useful way to get resources in Marauders to take full advantage of the crafting system. So if you’re not quite sure how to scrap items and armor that you no longer want, this is the guide for you. Especially since new players will have to learn how it works to complete the first mission, Basic Resupply.

Fortunately, scrapping is a relatively simple mechanic in Marauders. Even though you’ll need it to craft a number of items that can’t be purchased via the traders. Unlike similar games such as Escape from Tarkov, there isn’t a player market to buy everything you need. So if you want to craft something like say a Heavy Frigate ship or Small Container for storage, you’ll need to scrap.

How to Scrap in Marauders

Completing the Basic Resupply Mission

Marauders - Basic Supply Mission Tips

The Zero to Hero contract missions are worth completing so you can level up your standing with each faction. This leads to discounts and more trader items.

The first mission you’ll get in Marauders is to deliver three pieces of Junk Scrap. This is a specific item that you can get from breaking down certain items and equipment on the main menu. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to break down items while you’re in the middle of a raid. Otherwise, we’d all be overflowing with materials for sure!

All you need to do is head over to the Crafting tab/menu where you can both make new items and also scrap them too. You may notice a large gray box with a recycling symbol in it where it also says “SCRAPPING” above it. In order to use this box, you’ll need to drag an item from your stash into it. If you have an item in your gear/on your character, you’ll need to move it to your stash first.

Marauders - Scrapping Gear For Junk Scrap

Make sure you definitely want to get rid of an item when dropping it over the recycling symbol. Once you do, it’s permanently gone.

Before you drop an item onto the scrapping area, you can click and hold an item to see what you may get. As long as you hold the item, the area below the recycling box will show the percentage chance for each type of raw material. However, it doesn’t show how much of each material you can get. For example, the “Scrap Potential Items” area may say you have a 50% chance to get Synthetic Scrap and give you two.

I’ve listed a few examples of the different items you can break down for materials in Marauders. It doesn’t hurt to check other items every now and then to make sure. But, eligible items are mostly gear you can equip. Once you’re done recycling for Junk Scrap, you can deliver it on the Contracts page to complete the Basic Resupply mission.

  • MP40 – 50% Metal Scrap, 33% Junk Scrap, 25% Synthetic Scrap
  • Sack Bag – 50% Junk Scrap, 50% Synthetic Scrap
  • BA Flak Vest – 40% Fabric, 35% Junk Scrap, 25% Synthetic Scrap
  • M1 Flak Vest – 75% Synthetic Scrap, 25% Junk Scrap

Unlock New Crafting Recipes to Use Your Scrap

Marauders - How to Unlock Crafting Recipes

Click on locked recipes that you want to unlock to see their requirements. For example, the Heavy Frigate recipe requires you be level 18, have 8 Skill Points, and $82,750.

As you make progress in Marauders you’ll start to level up and hopefully earn some money via trading. Be sure to take advantage of the skill points you get from leveling up to unlock new crafting recipes. Otherwise, you won’t get much use out of your scrap and loot from all those successful raids. With that said, there is one trick worth mentioning to get raw material a little quicker.

If you don’t mind spending money on items that traders sell, you can scrap them for material instead. Items like Cloth Caps and Sack Bags tend to sell on the lower side if you need some quick material. Or you loot the default items on your ship and get rid of them after a run as well. Such as the Fire Extinguishers, Luger P08, and Pouch Rig.

Marauders - Buying Items For Raw Materials

More items become available from traders as you level up your standing with them. This gives you some extra opportunities for new gear and items to recycle.

That’s all there is to this Marauders guide on how to scrap items and gear. When you’re first starting out, it can be a balance between what’s worth selling and what to scrap instead. A good way to decide is to look at the durability of the item before choosing. If it’s practically full, you’ll get more money from selling it than if it’s almost broken. Whereas if it’s almost broken, you might as well scrap it.