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Cult of the Lamb – Do Trees Respawn?

Cult of the Lamb - Do Trees Repawn

Expanding your camp in Cult of the Lamb requires a lot of resources which has many players likely wondering do trees respawn? Otherwise, how are you supposed to get enough wood/lumber for the many buildings you need to make? Or even whether rocks come back so you can get stone as well.

This Cult of the Lamb guide dives into some quick tips on how to get wood and stone easily. While also answering how resources respawn at your camp. Unfortunately, you’ll need to make some progress if you want to have a consistent source of both materials.

Do Trees Respawn in Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb - How to Get Lumber

Even though you can find trees outside of your camp, you won’t find them frequently.

When you first get to your camp you’ll need to harvest trees and rocks to get materials for the starter buildings. Once you’ve finished chopping every tree and mining every rock in your camp, you’ll want to prioritize getting two new buildings. By gathering Devotion from your followers, you can unlock new technology/buildings.

With that said, trees do respawn in Cult of the Lamb, but they take really long to come back. Unfortunately, rocks don’t respawn so you won’t be able to rely on them for stone. This is why it’s extremely important to unlock the Lumberyard and Stone Mine. You’ll need to reach the Cult II tier before being able to get them.

Cult of the Lamb - Lumberyard and Stone Mine Tip

Your followers will grind away at the Lumberyard and Stone Mine filling the chest outside each one. It’s worth mentioning that each building will eventually break.

So just continue playing Cult of the Lamb and converting new followers to your cult. When they’re not busy harvesting materials around the camp, you can have them pray for Devotion. This currency eventually leads to Divine Inspiration as the early game tutorials explain.

It’s easy to not realize this is one of the main ways to get lumber and stone in Cult of the Lamb. I made the mistake of using up my resources quickly before building a Lumberyard or Stone Mine. And found myself not even having the resources to build them.

Cult of the Lamb - Tree Regrowing Phase

Try to wait for a new tree to completely grow otherwise you may miss out on some lumber.

One quick note regarding trees respawning is that while they do come back, they have a couple of growing phases. If you chop a tree down when it says, “Dig Up”, you’ll likely get fewer resources than waiting for it to mature. For example, I got three wood from digging up a tree that wasn’t fully grown.

Other Tricks to Get Resources in Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb - Gathering Resources Missionary Building

Here’s one example of a high-level follower that you can send out to gather resources.

Another great way to get resources that has some risk is via the Missionary building. This is also along the Cult II tier of Divine Inspirations. The Missionary lets you send out followers to try and gather specific resources for you. I didn’t take advantage of this immediately and I definitely should have. As long as you keep your followers happy and leveling up, they’ll likely succeed.

The cool thing about this building is you can also send followers to get other useful resources like gold or meat for food. After upgrading it, you’ll be able to send them out for other items as well. Otherwise, one not-so-great method for getting lumber and stone is breaking objects while out on a crusade run.

Cult of the Lamb - Resources Areas on Map

While you won’t see as many locations until late-game crusade runs, you can see a few different resource room types. Such as the log, the rock, and food icons.

Chances are you won’t get much lumber or stone from breaking objects unless the room is dedicated to it. You’ll know when you see a lumber or stone icon on the map. In spite of this, you can sometimes get resources as a reward for completing a run after beating a boss. Personally, I mostly struggled with getting enough wood and not so much with stone.

There are a couple of other random ways to get materials in Cult of the Lamb but they aren’t as reliable. Such as unlocking the Offering Statue where your followers can leave items for you. However, you can’t decide what items they drop off. Even though it can be a nice way to get tier 2 resources for advanced buildings.

Cult of the Lamb - Chopping a Tree

Chop down every tree you come across especially if it’s outside your camp. Your followers won’t be able to harvest them.

That’s all there is to this guide on do trees respawn in Cult of the Lamb. Hopefully you’ll have an easier time getting the materials you need to continue growing your camp and cult. Eventually, you’ll likely stop having to worry about resources if you have the three main buildings I mentioned.