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10 Best Cult of the Lamb Tips and Tricks

Cult of the Lamb - Best Tips and Tricks Guide

Expand your following in Cult of the Lamb using our tips and tricks to get an advantage. You’ll need to defeat enemy cultists in this roguelite while also caring for your followers in a Sims-like fashion. I’ve included a variety of tips from both beginner to more advanced ones.

It’s easy to get stuck keeping your followers happy and forgetting the rest of the game exists. This is why it’s important to balance your time just right while still making progress. If only I knew how many hours I’ve spent feeding my cult, cleaning up their poop, and spreading the faith.

Tip 1 – Don’t Be Afraid to Attack and Run Away

Cult of the Lamb - Attacking and Dodging Tip

Sometimes the best strategy is to do a quick hit and run to avoid taking damage. Especially since enemies can snap to you even when you dodge out of the way.

Cult of the Lamb has four different difficulties that you can pick while playing. Depending on what you pick, you may find yourself relying on this tip a lot. A common strategy regardless of the enemy you encounter is to get a hit in and then run away.

You can take advantage of dodging as well instead of running away, but sometimes it’s easier to run out of reach quickly. While this won’t work for every enemy in Cult of the Lamb, it will work for most of them. Also, this helps when you’re learning how a new enemy works.

Tip 2 – You Can Touch Most Enemies

Cult of the Lamb - Touching Enemies Tip

I threw this tip into the list because it’s not exactly something you want to test for yourself. The last thing you need to do is take damage for no reason. That’s what you have me for!

As you make progress in a roguelite, you’ll frequently come across new ways to die. This is because you’re learning new enemies, bosses, and other hazards to watch out for. One of the best tips is that you can touch the majority of enemies without taking damage. This tends to vary across similar games.

By knowing that you can touch most enemies without taking damage, you can combo into them more easily. Especially since attacks typically move you closer to the enemy. So you don’t need to worry about that third hit in your combo making you touch them. Unless it’s a late-game enemy that creates spikes around itself.

Tip 3 – Plan Your Route Before Moving Forward

Cult of the Lamb - Plan Your Map Route

While you won’t immediately see maps as complicated or as long as this one, it gives you an idea of what to expect.

Once you make it past the first area on a Crusade run you’ll need to pick a path to continue onward. As you get further into Cult of the Lamb, you’ll have longer paths with more rooms to pick. This includes rooms like shops, areas with resources, a shrine, and more.

It’s important to plan your route so you know what to expect. Whether that includes more rooms to fight enemies or an area for health when you really need it. Another major room to keep an eye out for is one where you can get followers. That aside, it’s worth mentioning that you can’t move backward on the map.

Tip 4 – Stunlock Your Enemies in Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb - Stunlocking Strategy Tip

The early weapons in Cult of the Lamb are mostly fast and make it easy to stun enemies. While the late-game ones are a bit tougher like a slow hammer.

You may notice early on that you can easily stunlock most enemies. For those that don’t know what I mean, this is attacking an enemy multiple times so they’re stunned and can’t hit back. This trick works well as long as enemies don’t surround you.

With that said, you can still use your knockback to single out enemies in groups. But, you will eventually reach tougher enemies that won’t get stunned as easily. This also includes bosses so don’t try to stun them with your combos either. 

Tip 5 – Time Passes While You’re on a Run

Cult of the Lamb - Does TIme Pass Tip

Make sure you don’t forget to feed your followers and take care of them. If you do, you’ll regret it when you’re mid-run and start getting alerts.

Cult of the Lamb has two main parts where one is taking care of your followers and the other is fighting enemies on crusade runs. While you’re out fighting enemies or exploring new areas, time continues to pass in your camp. This means your followers will continue to work, but they’ll also continue to get hungry.

This can make it difficult to juggle balancing both parts since you can’t be away for too long. Fortunately, pausing Cult of the Lamb and a few other actions like the Knucklebones minigame will pause that timer. But, you’ll need to prepare for the rest of the time.

Tip 6 – How to Keep Followers Happy

Cult of the Lamb - How to Keep Followers Happy

Keeping your cult happy is important so they don’t start to rebel against you. And so you get nice messages like this on occasion.

As mentioned in the previous tip, you’ll need to prioritize keeping your cult of followers happy to continue growing. Your followers will poop everywhere and if you don’t clean it up, they’ll start getting sick and passing away. If you don’t have followers, you don’t exactly have a cult. And then Cult of the Lamb is just, the Lamb.

Make sure you keep an eye on the top left corner of the screen when returning to your camp. The large circle with two hands together represents your Faith, the virus is Cleanliness, and the stomach is their Hunger. Try to fill each one before leaving the camp if you can. And it doesn’t hurt to make extra food.

Tip 7 – Curses Are Extremely Strong in Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb - Using Curse Abilities Tip

Watching every one of those little red projectiles chase a target is satisfying. Especially when you use it on a boss to quickly defeat them.

When I first started playing I didn’t take full advantage of Curses which are the magic abilities you get each run. It felt like I was playing an RPG and didn’t want to use my potions until I really needed them. But, the reality is you can get them back often and they’re too powerful not to use.

While your experience will always vary depending on which difficulty you pick, I found myself destroying bosses with Curses. That’s why I always try to have my Fervor resource full so I can spam my ability at the start. Plus, bosses drop Fervor allowing you to use your Curse again.

Tip 8 – Do Sermons As Often As You Can

Cult of the Lamb - Leveling Up From Sermons

Sermon levels are the closest I’d say you get to leveling up your own character in Cult of the Lamb. Even though Devotion is another sort of leveling system/tech tree.

The camp temple plays a significant role in your meta progression in Cult of the Lamb. If you want to get stronger weapons, cooler abilities, and more, you’ll need to do Sermons. As you level up, you’ll unlock weapons with unique traits like leeching health or producing Devotion.

Alongside Sermons, make sure you take advantage of other temple features as well. Such as Rituals which you can unlock by getting Commandments. Rituals are also a great way to customize your cult. You can eventually make decisions like choosing to give your followers money for Faith or extort them instead.

Tip 9 – Break Resources to Bring Back

Cult of the Lamb - Gathering Grass For Food

Try breaking different objects across the different rooms to see what you’ll get from them. You’ll start to get a good idea of what’s worth spending your time on.

If you’re struggling to get resources for new buildings or even just to repair beds, here’s a useful tip. When you leave the camp to go on a run, you can break parts of your environment for resources. The most common one you’ll find is grass, but you can also find flowers, mushrooms, and other objects too.

One of the best Commandments I recommend getting is the Grass Eater trait so your followers won’t mind eating Grass Meals. This makes it especially worthwhile to gather grass. With that said, you can also come across special rooms along your run that have resources too. Or even shops with destructible bags that may have gold or health inside.

Tip 10 – One of the Best Buildings to Unlock

Cult of the Lamb - Demonic Summoning Circle Buffs

Using your followers to summon demons is a great way to get a helping hand. This is completely different from sacrificing as you will still get them back.

Reaching tier 2 for your cult unlocks a few of the best buildings to make your life easier. The first one I recommend looking into is the Demonic Summoning Circle. This building lets you temporarily convert a follower into a demon for a buff. Here are some of the buffs that you can get:

  • Start your next crusade with half a spirit heart (high-level followers add more)
  • Targets a random enemy and explodes near them.
  • Shoots a projectile at an enemy every few seconds.

And to make things better, every time you upgrade the Demonic Summoning Circle, you can bring another follower. This makes a huge difference in surviving each crusade run if you’re struggling. That building aside, one other quick recommendation is to get the Stone Mine and Lumberyard. You’ll almost always need Lumber and Stone.

That’s all there is to this guide on some of the best Cult of the Lamb tips and tricks. Get to growing your cult and taking down every heretic in this fun roguelite.