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7 Best Cult of the Lamb Divine Inspirations to Unlock

Cult of the Lamb - Best Divine Inspirations to Unlock

Deciding the best Divine Inspirations to pick in Cult of the Lamb can be difficult if you’re not sure what to unlock first. Especially since the amount of Devotion you’ll need from your committed followers continues to increase. So there’s no reason to waste your Devotion on buildings that won’t help you quite as much.

Part of how this tech tree works requires you to unlock certain buildings first before others. Also, you’ll need to prioritize the Cult levels/tiers above the Temple to unlock each row. That’s why I put the pre-requisites below each recommended Divine Inspiration below.

Best Divine Inspirations to Unlock in Cult of the Lamb

1 – Missionary

Cult of the Lamb - Missionary Tip For Resources

While you won’t have Bones, Followers, and seeds available until later tiers, you can still send followers out for the other resources.

Pre-Requisites: Farm Plot, Cult II

The Missionary is an amazing building to have early on because it’ll help you get the resources you need. Whether you’re struggling to get Lumber, Stone, Gold, or even Meat, you can send followers out to gather it. Even though there’s a small risk they won’t return, you’ll probably end up okay.

As you get further into Cult of the Lamb, you’ll likely have high-level followers that have a better chance of surviving. I’ve never lost one but the chances are usually so high of succeeding that I’d be surprised if I did. With that said, higher difficulties may make it tougher.

2 – Demonic Summoning Circle

Cult of the Lamb - Demonic Summoning Circle Tip

Did you know there’s a secret interaction with an NPC if you bring this demon heart to them?

Pre-Requisites: Farm Plot, Cult II, Missionary

The Demonic Summoning Circle is my next favorite building that you’ll love if you need help. You can convert followers into demons temporarily to come on crusade runs with you. Depending on the follower and their level, you’ll gain different buffs.

For example, one may randomly bring you health so you can stay alive. While another may shoot projectiles every few seconds at nearby enemies. As you continue to level up the Demonic Summoning Circle, you’ll be able to bring more followers along.

3 – Lumberyard & Stone Mine

Cult of the Lamb - How to Get Lumber and Stone

One follower at a time can work at each building to gather resources. If you gift them the Moon Necklace, they can work through the night.

Pre-Requisites: Farm Plot, Cult II

I debated mentioning the Lumberyard and Stone Mine earlier because of how important both buildings are. These are extremely important Divine Inspirations early on in Cult of the Lamb. Similar to the Missionary building, you’ll need them to get resources reliably.

Due to how trees and rocks respawn at your camp, you’ll need the Lumberyard and Stone Mine to gather more. Even though they can break over time, you’ll get plenty of Lumber and Stone before they do. This will help offset replacing them and getting enough for other buildings too.

4 – Farmer Station II

Cult of the Lamb - How to Get Followers to Pick Crops

If you have a large farm in Cult of the Lamb you’ll quickly realize how annoying it can be to take care of. This is where the Farmer Stations come in!

Pre-Requisites: Farming Bundle, Cult II, Refinery, Cult III

It may be a little silly to recommend the Farmer Station II without mentioning the Farming Bundle before it first. But, the second tier is where your life starts to get a lot easier in Cult of the Lamb. The first tier makes it so your followers can water your crops after you plant them.

While the second tier Divine Inspiration makes it so your followers will also harvest your crops. This is a gamechanger alongside similar buildings like the Seed Silo and Fertilizer Silo. Each one makes it so you don’t have to actively manage your farm anymore.

5 – Outhouse

Cult of the Lamb - Outhouse Divine Inspiration Tip

Take advantage of the Outhouse so your followers won’t get sick as easily. You can’t always be around to clean up after them.

Pre-Requisites: Sleeping Bags, Cult II, Shelter, Refinery

One of the more annoying things your followers will do is poop in random corners and areas around the camp. This can make it difficult to track down poop hiding behind a building or inside some tall grass. And if you don’t take care of it, your followers may get unhappy or even worse, sick.

That’s why I recommend getting the Outhouse when you can to avoid this altogether. As long as you check it every now and then to collect the poop for your farm, you’ll be okay. But, if it gets full, the followers will go back to what they know best. Pooping everywhere.

6 – Shelter

Cult of the Lamb - Shelter Divine Inspiration Types

As your cult of followers starts to grow, you’ll want to have better housing to keep them comfortable.

Pre-Requisites: Sleeping Bags, Cult II

Upgrading your Sleeping Bags to Shelters may not seem like much, but it will save you time in the long run. You may have noticed that your Sleeping Bags are more likely to break and require resources to repair.

The advantage of Shelters is that they won’t break as often so you won’t need to spend resources on them. Eventually, you can upgrade to the Grand Shelter where they’ll never break. And they’ll even collect Devotion while your followers are asleep.

7 – Cheaper Rituals & Ritual Cool Downs

Cult of the Lamb - Gold Ritual For Fast Money

Rituals are a great way to get the most out of your cult. Such as gathering hundreds of gold from them, increasing their faith to you, feeding them, and more.

Pre-Requisites: Sleeping Bags, Cult II, Tabernacle, Refinery, Cult III

These two Divine Inspirations really depend on how you play Cult of the Lamb and potentially the difficulty you pick. I ended up with a ton of bones for rituals by the time I beat the story, but, I didn’t use them that often. With that said, there are several strong rituals that can help you like the feast one for feeding your cult.

The Cheaper Rituals upgrade will lower the cost by 50%, while the Ritual Cool Downs upgrade reduces the cooldown by 50%. If you find yourself using rituals often, then getting both upgrades is an easy decision. I just wish I could side-step Cheaper Rituals and go straight for reduced cooldowns.

Extra Info Regarding Other Divine Inspirations

Cult of the Lamb - Prison For Dissenters

If you have some pesky dissenters trying to sway followers away from the cult, there are a couple of solutions. The Prison is likely one of the nicer options.

If you’re wondering about a Divine Inspiration that I didn’t mention in this guide, that isn’t necessarily because they’re bad. These are primarily the ones that I found to be important and worth focusing on immediately. However, there are a few situational buildings like the Prison if you have dissenters in your cult. Or cosmetic choices like the Basic Decorations for decorating your camp.

That’s pretty much all there is to this guide on the best Cult of the Lamb Divine Inspirations. When you’re first starting out, it can get confusing understanding the different forms of progress. I know I got lost at first between the Sermon levels, the Commandments, Divine Inspirations, and even knowing what Loyalty or Faith is. So don’t worry, you’re not the only one.