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Does Weird West Have New Game Plus?

Weird West - New Game Plus Guide

Many people playing Weird West may be wondering if there is a new game plus mode. Especially since it’s an immersive sim filled with different paths and decisions that can impact your story. This can definitely add to the replay value if you’re curious how things can play out differently.

New game plus modes often let you continue past the ending and replay the game at a harder difficulty. This isn’t quite the case for Weird West since the ending immediately leads to the credits and then the main menu. However, you can still reload a save right before you complete the game and head back out into the world.

Weird West - Main Menu Reload a Save

Completing a full run doesn’t mean you have to stop playing quite yet.

There isn’t anything to prevent you from leaving the final area, fortunately. With that said, you can start a new game on the Weird West main menu and it will keep track. Your playtime total will continue to track from the previous save as well as a number for which playthrough it is. For example, starting a second game will have, “Playthrough 2” in the save name.

Don’t let the absence of a new game plus mode prevent you from playing more of Weird West. It’s still worth messing around with since you can find unique ways to play through the story with your newfound knowledge. I immediately tried to break the game in every way I could to see if it was possible.

Weird West - Playthrough 2 Save Load

If you’re trying to keep track of new saves and old ones, you can still see which playthrough it is in the settings.

Whether that included killing major story characters or heading to areas I shouldn’t know about yet. Developer WolfEye Studios designed their game well enough to let you get away with a lot without completely ruining your storyline. While some tricks to sideline major issues aren’t anything crazy, it’s still interesting to see how they treat each situation.

That’s all there is to this short guide on whether or not Weird West has a new game plus mode. While I’m not surprised it doesn’t have one, can think of a few ways it would still work. Such as letting you continue into the next run with your current inventory, while increasing difficulty. But, that isn’t as simple as just raising the health of every enemy.

Weird West - Starting a New Run

Restarting your playthrough will send you all the way back to the first journey as the Bounty Hunter. This is is because you can’t pick which character you want to play as.

That’s why this can be a much more complicated mode to implement. I’m definitely curious to see where this game ends up as far as future DLC or even a sequel down the road. But, seeing more immersive games from WolfEye Studios would also be a delight. Check out more guides by clicking any of the links below! Visit our How to Get Money Fast guide to get geared up immediately in a new run.


Tuesday 17th of May 2022

Thank's for this, was wondering about Ng+ or post game content.