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Lost Ark – Why is Everyone Adding Friends

If you’ve noticed Lost Ark players spamming chat about adding friends and aren’t quite sure why, this guide is for you. At first, it may seem like they’re just trying to get more friends to play with. Even though this is the simple answer, this isn’t the reason most players are.

Why is Everyone Adding Friends in Lost Ark

Lost Ark - Area Chat Friend Requests

Expect to see a lot of “add me” “add me as a friend” “add me uwu” in area chat.

Regardless of what continent you’re doing content in, you’re bound to see players in area chat looking for friends. While it’s possible someone is just looking for more people to socialize with, there’s a different reason usually. This has to do with a hidden achievement called People Person.

If you manage to add up to 50 friends, you’ll unlock this hidden achievement and get 1000 Amethyst Shards. In some cases, players will mention this reward in chat but they’ll frequently say it’s for Crystals. While I haven’t gotten the achievement, it does seem to be Amethyst Shards and not Crystals. So make sure you don’t get mixed up and do it for the premium shop currency.

Lost Ark - Amethyst Shard Inventory Currency

You can check how many shards you have so far by taking a look at the third section in your inventory.

Unlike the majority of currencies in Lost Ark, Amethyst Shards won’t appear in your Currency Inventory. Instead, you’ll need to search your normal inventory storage where you can find them under the “Events” tab. This implies that you’ll get more chances in the future to collect them with certain events.

As someone that’s reached level 50, I’ve only gotten 1,500 thus far. And that’s not including the reward from this hidden achievement. If you manage to get it by adding 50 friends, be sure to comment below and let us know what it’s called. On the plus side, you don’t need to keep them all added once you get it.

Lost Ark - Amethyst Shard Exchange NPC

Here’s an example of some items you can buy with this currency even though you can see them all in the table below.

For those of you wondering where to spend Amethyst Shards, there isn’t anything too crazy to it. Even though it is easy to get confused and not know which NPC to speak to in large cities. All you need to do is enter a big city like Vern Castle, open your world map, and use the search bar. By typing in, “Amethyst Shard Exchange” you can find the right NPC.

Here are some of the items you can purchase from the exchange if you have the right amount. It’s worth mentioning that they all have a roster limit. This means you can only purchase a limited amount on that server for your roster of characters. As opposed to a limited amount per character instead.

Item Amethyst Shard Cost Roster Limit
Rapport Supplies Chest 2,200 5/5
3 Battle Items Chest 2,200 5/5
Pheon Chest 2,200 5/5
Crystalline Aura (14 Days) 6,600 5/5
Arkesia Paper Mask Selection Chest 6,600 5/5
Pet Trick: Trick 6,600 1/1
Pet Trick: Play Dead 6,600 1/1


Item Amethyst Shard Cost Roster Limit
Pet Trick: Whine 6,600 1/1
Notos Orka Ship Skin Selection 6,600 1/1
Emote: Star Dance 6,600 1/1
Sail Glyph: Vigor the Golden Lion 6,600 1/1
Sebastian Pet Selection Chest 13,200 4/4
Nineveh & Yom Emoticon Pack 13,200 1/1
Mount: Gold Combat Wolf 22,000 1/1

That’s all there is to this guide on why is everyone adding friends. It’s likely the developer will change what’s available in the shop over time as Lost Ark develops. Also, try to keep an eye out for more opportunities to get Amethyst Shards like limited-time events.