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Lost Ark – How to Find Mokoko Seeds Tips

Lost Ark - How to Find Mokoko Seeds

Lost Ark is an MMORPG filled with tiny collectibles called Mokoko Seeds that can be frustrating to find. If you don’t know certain tricks to look for, you’re bound to miss a ton of them. While you can search for a video or map showing every seed location, this guide focuses on how to find them yourself.

But if you’d prefer to use an interactive map showing every location, we’ve also got a recommendation near the bottom of this guide. If you’re curious what Mokoko Seeds are for, you can get a ton of rewards from them. Everything ranging from a card to a ship skin that speeds up your ship.

Tips to Find Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark

Secret Walls Exist and They’re a Pain

Lost Ark - Fake Walls Mokoko Seeds

While exploring you might not realize you can walk through this gathering of boulders.

One of the more frustrating parts of searching for Mokoko Seeds is that secret walls exist in Lost Ark. While some fake walls have a path leading to them or a clue, many still don’t. This can make it extremely difficult to find those pesky hidden collectibles. Especially when these secret areas tend to have multiple seeds.

This is where you’re likely best off looking for a guide if you can’t track down the last few for a region. Chances are they’re hidden behind a fake wall or barely even visible.

Clear Nearby Enemies to Reveal a Spot to Jump

Lost Ark - Hidden Spots Collectibles

Sometimes a secret ledge in Lost Ark isn’t accessible until it’s safe.

This is another odd secret that can make it easy to miss Mokoko Seeds out of view. Sometimes you’ll need to take out nearby enemies to reveal an interactable spot. Such as being able to jump over a wall or down to a ledge.

The reason this can be annoying is because there isn’t anything telling you this is the case. In most cases, you’ll only know these interactable spots exist if you’re completing a quest or already know about it. Between the last point and this one, it shouldn’t be surprising that Mokoko Seeds feel impossible to find.

Mokoko Seeds Take Advantage of the Camera

Lost Ark - Hidden Mokoko Seeds Camera Angle

This seed right below my character can be difficult to see if you’re not looking for it.

The Lost Ark developers at Smilegate love to hide collectibles in difficult spots to see. Such as behind a wall or building that you can only see with the perfect camera angle. Fake walls and secret areas are one thing, but needing to be in the right spot can be just as annoying.

As you move throughout an area, the camera shifts making it easier or more difficult to see certain Mokoko Seeds. You’re bound to miss several for this reason alone. Especially when the developer places one out of view behind you as you enter a new area.

Secret Paths That Lead Outside the Map

Lost Ark - Exploring Outside the Map Tip

As you can see on the minimap, I’m completely outside the main map area.

While this tip may sound similar to the first one regarding fake walls, it isn’t the same. Typically in an action-RPG, you can overlay the map to navigate more easily. This can be a crutch if you don’t realize the map outline in Lost Ark doesn’t reveal everything.

You can come across paths that lead outside the map outline to secret areas. So if you’re convinced that you’ve searched the entire map and can’t find a seed, it’s possible you haven’t actually. Certain regions can have you running for a solid minute outside the main area in search of collectibles.

Check the Number of Mokoko Seeds in Your Region

Lost Ark - Mokoko Seed Counter

Keeping track of the Mokoko Seed counter is a good way to know how many there are.

This is one of the simpler tips that you may not know exists when you first start gathering Mokoko Seeds. Every time you open up your map with “M”, you can see how many seeds are in your area. This counter will also show how many you’ve gotten so far so you know your progress.

All you need to do is look at the top-right corner of the map where it will say 0/7 or however many there are. If there isn’t a counter near the corner, this means there aren’t any for that area. For example, the Tortoyk island doesn’t have a single Mokoko Seed.

Don’t Forget to Search Dungeons in Lost Ark

Lost Ark - Searching Dungeons For Collectibles

Dungeons frequently have a ton of seeds to hunt for and you’re bound to miss them while playing with randoms.

Before you matchmake into a dungeon, it’s important to point out that they often contain seeds too. Fair warning, if you party up with random players, they may try to speed through the content. This can make it difficult to search for hidden paths and even mini-puzzles.

It wouldn’t be as bad if you could still explore while your party rushes ahead. But, many dungeons have spots that pull players forward. This is one of the annoying parts of hunting Mokoko Seeds when you jump into a new area by mistake. Especially after seeing a carefully placed seed right behind you.

Lost Ark - Dungeon Zipline Screenshot

Ziplines and ledges that you can walk across may not have a return route.

With that said, you can still return to dungeons at a later time or try to solo them yourself. Many dungeons can be completed alone depending on your class. This is because the difficulty scales to the number of players as mentioned in our 10 Best Lost Ark Tips and Tricks.

Keep An Eye Out For Ordinary Doors

Lost Ark - Peyto Secret Door Mokoko Seed

An ordinary door like this can easily blend into the background.

My last tip for finding Mokoko Seeds is to watch for random doors. You may come across a bland door with no significance that you can interact with. One example is on Peyto Island later in Lost Ark where you can enter a new room this way. The screenshot above shows this secret.

Sometimes you can find hints in your environment that a secret like this exists. For example, you may see a small area out of reach and wonder how to get there. This can motivate you to search for a hidden entrance or interactable. But, more often than not, it comes down to luck.

Lost Ark Papunika Lullaby Island Mokoko Seeds

Papunika is a great website for its’ interactable world map as shown in this screenshot of Lullaby Island.

Now if you’ve completely given up on finding Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark or just need a little help, there’s a great website for this. Instead of wasting your time trying to create a better resource, be sure to visit the Papunika world map. I’ve noticed the map can be finicky on Google Chrome, so you may need to switch browsers.