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Muck – How to Get Bark

Muck - How to Get Bark

Before you can make much progress in the survival game Muck, you’ll want to learn how to get Bark. This is because it’s used for a lot of early recipes such as a Wood Axe and Wood Pickaxe. The last thing you want to do is never upgrade from your first tool, the rock. That’s why I’ve put together this quick guide explaining how to get bark.

How to Get Bark in Muck

If you’re playing Muck for the first time, I recommend following the few tutorial tasks the game gives you. It starts out by telling you to get a rock, chop a tree with it, and then make a Workbench. As explained in our beginner guide to surviving, this is what you’ll want to do before focusing on even getting Bark.

Once you have a Workbench, crafting Bark is relatively simple, but easy to miss. Don’t worry, I missed it myself the first time around. All you need to do is interact with your Workbench and look under the Basics tab for a Bark recipe. This requires 5 Wood to make and that’s it.

If you have 5 Wood in your inventory from chopping normal trees, you can simply click the Bark recipe to create it. Then, drag it to a slot in your inventory so you can start working on more advanced recipes. You’ll need 10 of them if you want to make both starter tools, the Wood Axe and Pickaxe.

Muck - How to Make Bark

Bark is one of the starter recipes so you’ll already have it visible under Basic even if you don’t have Wood.

Another useful recipe that you’ll need it for is a Bow. While you may not need a Bow early on, it doesn’t hurt to have it when you’re not sure how tough an enemy is. Especially when you make it further into Muck and start encountering flying enemies. You can find the full recipe for a Bow and Arrows in our bow guide.

If you have any other questions for us, feel free to comment below the guide for help. And you can visit our guide hub for every Muck guide currently available. I’ve also listed a few useful guides below that may teach you something new.