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Going Medieval – How to Research

Going Medieval - How to Research Guide

Learning how to research new technology in Going Medieval is extremely important if you want to continue advancing. This is essential for getting food, crafting stronger weapons, and even creating unique rooms with buffs. That’s why I’ve put together this guide on how researching technology works.

How to Research in Going Medieval

Create a Basic Research Table First

The first step to learning new technology in this strategy game is creating a Basic Research Table. This is under the second building tab labeled Production that you can open by pressing F2. You’ll need 60 Wood to make a Basic Research Table. Don’t worry too much about where you place it as long as it’s indoors away from the cold and weather.

Chances are you’re going to have someone almost always at the table working on books. So you want to make sure they’re in a comfortable area since they won’t be moving much. The next step is to find out which person in your colony is best for the Research job.

Pick a Researcher

Going Medieval - Research Job Skill

A good way to check this is by looking at every person’s skills individually or going to the Jobs tab. Under the Jobs section, near the top left corner, there’s a neat trick to take advantage of. The border of each job’s square has a unique color representing that settler’s skill. For example, dark brown is the lowest, while gold is relatively high.

Aside from picking someone with the highest Research skill, you may want someone who’s passionate about the job. This will give them positive mood modifiers whenever they’re doing a job they enjoy. You can see which ones they enjoy by looking at the little stars on the Jobs screen. These will be at the bottom right corner of each job square. Also, they’ll learn the skill even quicker.

Once you’ve picked a settler for the job, you’ll want to tweak their Research priority. By giving them a lower number (higher priority), they’ll do that job as opposed to others. This makes it so you can have someone doing research round the clock and get new technlogy. If you don’t have many settlers, you may not want them always on the table, however.

Set a Production Queue For Chronicles

Going Medieval - Chronicles Production

Before your settler starts writing books, you’ll need to set a production queue. All this means is clicking the Basic Research Table and setting Chronicles to be made. Depending on your playstyle or progress, you can decide how many Chronicles you want to be made. Each setting type is below:

  • Amount – You can set a specific amount to be made, then they’ll stop.
  • Forever – They’ll continue making Chronicles forever.
  • Until You Have – They’ll make Chronicles until reaching a certain number. And then when they’re used for Technology, the settler will return to producing.

I recommend using the “Amount” setting when you’re first starting out. This helps with focusing on a specific technology. And you can free up that settler for other tasks when you still don’t have many people. Later on, you may want to switch them to “Until You Have” when you’re using multiple research tables.

Unlocking a New Research Technology

Going Medieval - Research Tree

Now that you have someone producing Chronicles, you can start unlocking new research. All you need to do is go to the Research tab at the top of your screen. Click into here and you can see the entire technology tree. You can see what each technology unlocks and the requirements needed by clicking it. Once a technology switches from faded black to blue, you can click it to research it.

After clicking the “Unlock” button on new research, you’ll instantly have access to whatever you unlocked. For example, if you unlocked Agriculture, you can start growing farms immediately. Just make sure you’re not in a bad season for it such as Winter. The last thing you want is a Cold Snap destroying your farm.

For those that don’t know, whenever you research new technology, the Chronicles don’t disappear. Instead, you end up with a bunch of Chronicles leftover in your stockpile. It doesn’t hurt to create a specific area for offloading them.

How to Create a Library in Going Medieval

Going Medieval - How to Make a Library

There’s a useful trick for getting more out of every room in your village. One of the hidden mechanics is that there are unique room types that provide buffs. For example, you can create a Library to get an extra 20% production speed toward research. While it may only be a small amount, this can help you progress quicker in Going Medieval.

Here are the conditions you need to meet to create a Library:

  • Create a room with walls, roofs, and a door.
  • Place any of the three Research Table types in this room. You can place multiple in one room.
  • Place two Wall Bookshelves in this room. This requires the Decorative Structure research.
  • Don’t have any other workstations, shrines, or beds inside this room.
  • Floors aren’t required for a unique room.

Once you’ve met the conditions above, a message will appear saying that a Library has been created. Also, you can click any tile or object inside that room and look under the “Stats” tab. This will say what type of room the object is in. It’s worth mentioning that while the Library room type gives 20% production speed, other unknown factors add to it too. 

How to Get a Textbook and Thesis For Research

Going Medieval - Advanced Research Textbooks

The last quick Going Medieval tip I have to hit you with is how to get Textbooks and Theses. These are the next two book tiers you’ll need if you want to research more advanced technology. The first Basic Research Table provides only Chronicles, so you’ll need to continue progressing. Here’s how to get the other two book types.

  • Textbook – Unlock Research II with 30 Chronicles. Then, place a normal Research Table and your production queue will have Textbook as an option.
  • Thesis – Unlock Research III with 30 Chronicles and 30 Textbooks. Then, place an Advanced Research Table and your production queue will have Thesis as an option.

If you have any more Going Medieval questions for us on how to research or anything else, feel free to comment below the article. Be sure to visit some other useful guides we’ve made so far on the game below.


Saturday 20th of November 2021

Thanks for the tip with the specific room buffs!

Jeffrey Lerman

Monday 22nd of November 2021

Yeah, there are all sorts of room buffs to take advantage of once you've got your colony started. But it can still be tough to organize everything just right for sure!