Biomutant – All Endings Good and Bad

Biomutant - All Endings Guide

Biomutant is an open-world RPG with two different endings that you can get regardless of your choices up to that moment. Before you continue reading this short guide for both Biomutant endings, beware there are obviously spoilers below. Especially since we’re talking about you know, the ending of the game. With that said, continue reading below to learn how to get each ending and see a video showing them too.

Every Ending in Biomutant

Once you’ve reached the end of the game and filled every Ark seat that you want to, it’s time to finish the story. Despite Biomutant revolving around a light and dark aura mechanic based on your decisions, these don’t seem to matter for the ending. And going a step further, the tribe you align yourself with doesn’t seem to matter either. It only really makes a difference in NPC conversations along the way.

As you’ll learn early on, each tribe has their own agenda regarding what they want to do with the Tree of Life. Tribes that follow the light aura want to unify every tribe, defeat the Worldeaters, and restore the Tree of Life. While tribes that follow the dark aura want to subdue every tribe and destroy the Tree of Life to start anew.

Regardless of what aura you finish Biomutant with, you can still pick either ending at the last second. As shown in the video below, once you defeat Lupa Lupin, a conversation starts with the Dark and Light faeries. Choosing “Rest in peace” leads to the dark ending destroying the Tree of Life. While choosing “Live and let live” leads to the light ending instead.

Watch the video below courtesy of YouTuber Gaming With Abyss to see both Biomutant endings.

Be sure to let us know in the comments below what you think of each Biomutant ending. Which ending do you think is better? And if you’d like to see some guides, feel free to visit our guide hub here. Or check out some useful guides filled with tips and tricks below as well.

A Biomutant key was provided by a PR company for coverage purposes.

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