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Biomutant – How to Dual-Wield Guns

Biomutant - How to Dual-Wield Guns

If you’ve been playing Biomutant and are wondering how to dual-wield guns, we’ve got a guide for you. Don’t worry this isn’t exclusive to a class, even though the Saboteur starts with a perk for dual-wielding melee weapons. The perk you’re going to need is the Two-Faced Cobra Grip. Continue reading our guide below for in-depth instructions and how to prevent a weapon from swapping out.

How to Dual-Wield Guns in Biomutant

Before you can equip two guns simultaneously in Biomutant, you’ll need to get the Two-Faced Cobra Grip perk. You can find this by going to the Character menu and then Wung-Fu. Under Wung-Fu, go to Ranged Combat and then finally, Dual Wield Guns. You can spend one Upgrade Point from leveling up to learn this perk.

The unfortunate part that many people probably don’t realize with this perk is that you need to use one-handed guns specifically. When looking at ranged weapons in your inventory or a shop, check for the “Gun” type. You can equip two of these at once with one in your main hand and offhand. Other ranged weapon types such as an automatic rifle or shotgun won’t work, unfortunately.

Biomutant - Dual-Wield Guns Perk

You’ll need the Two-Faced Cobra Grip if you want to use two ranged weapons at once.

If you’re not sure where to equip each weapon, simply go to the Gear section. You can equip a weapon in both your left offhand and right main hand. Just make sure you don’t accidentally equip the same weapon twice, as this will only make it swap hands. You’ll need two unique weapons for dual-wielding.

Once you have two “Gun” type ranged weapons equipped, hop back into the world and start shooting. While you can hold down the button or trigger to fire, you can fire these weapons quicker by rapidly tapping instead. It’s up to you how you prefer to play.

How to Dual-Wield Melee Weapons

Biomutant - How to Dual-Wield Melee Weapons

Take advantage of the Twin Silver Grip perk for some creative melee weapon combos.

If you’re wondering how to dual-wield melee weapons instead of ranged ones, this section is for you. Similar to the previous section, you’ll need to get a perk for dual-wielding. Unless you pick the Saboteur as your class, you’ll need to spend one Upgrade Point to unlock Twin Silver Grip. This is under the Wung-Fu section, under Close Combat, and then Dual Wield Melee.

Similar to dual-wielding guns, you can only equip one-handed weapons simultaneously. The weapon type will specifically say “One-Handed” when checking its stats. And if you’re crafting a weapon instead, you’ll need to use a one-handed base type. All you need to do now is equip a one-handed weapon in both your main hand and offhand.

Then, get back into Biomutant and start destroying enemies with your dual-wielding. One of the neat parts of this game is that you can dual-wield melee and ranged at the same time. While you can’t use four weapons at once, you can switch between each fighting style on the fly.

If you have any other Biomutant questions for us, ask in the comments below the article and we’ll try to help. Otherwise, be sure to visit our guide hub for more useful guides. I’ve listed a few below that may be of interest to you as well.

A Biomutant key was provided by a PR company for coverage purposes.