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Enlisted – What Does a Backpack Do

Enlisted - What Does a Backpack Do Guide

Enlisted is a free to play WW2 game where you’ll constantly want to upgrade your squads to unlock new equipment. One equipment slot that you can unlock via the upgrade tree is a Backpack. If you’re debating whether to get it or something else instead, this guide is for you. Continue reading below to learn what a backpack does and more.

What Does a Backpack Do?
Every Backpack Type
Is the Backpack Upgrade Worth it?

What Does a Backpack Do in Enlisted

Enlisted - Personnel Upgrade Backpack

Deciding whether to get the Backpack upgrade or a secondary weapon can be a tough decision.

Every squad can eventually unlock the Backpack slot for extra equipment. While certain squads can reach this upgrade slightly quicker under the Personnel Upgrades tree, most will require 8 squad points to unlock. The 1st Tank Battalion is one outlier where it only takes 7 points instead to unlock.

Regardless, once you’ve unlocked a Backpack under the Personnel tree, you can equip unique backpacks to this slot. Certain ones provide more ammo, an extra grenade, or an extra inventory slot. Each type is included below:

Every Backpack Type in Enlisted

Enlisted - Backpack Types Screenshot

Find out which backpacks are worth grabbing depending on your playstyle.

  • Small Backpack – 1 extra inventory space (such as a Medkit). Keep in mind, this requires an additional item for that slot. It doesn’t simply add extra uses for a Medkit.
  • Large Backpack – 3 extra inventory slots. This is unlocked at Campaign Level 15.
  • Grenade Pouch – 1 extra grenade slots.
  • Large Grenade Pouch – 2 extra grenade slots. This is unlocked at Campaign Level 16.
  • Small Ammo Pouch – Provides a 10% increase in ammo. This is always at least an extra magazine, regardless of the percentage.
  • Large Ammo Pouch – Provides a 100% increase in ammo. Similar to the small ammo bag, this is always at least an extra magazine, regardless of the percentage. This is unlocked at Campaign Level 18.

Is the Backpack Upgrade Worth it?

Almost every Enlisted squad requires a choice between the Backpack upgrade or a secondary weapon instead. This can make it a difficult decision if you like having a backup weapon, especially if you’re using a recon squad.

It doesn’t hurt to have another weapon ready that doesn’t have a scope on it for when you’re moving in close. However, I prefer the Backpack over the secondary weapon upgrade because you can usually pick up weapons off the floor.

With that said, there are a couple of disadvantages to relying on picking up weapons off the floor. Weapons are finicky with how easy or difficult they are to grab. This can lead to dying easily if you’re chaotically running and jumping around a body. And the second issue is someone needing to die for you to get a free weapon. The one good side is that you can grab weapons from both enemies and allies as explained in our tips and tricks guide.

Enlisted Picking Up Weapons Screenshot

The secondary weapon might not be worth it if you get simply get a free weapon off the floor.

The reality is, it all depends on your playstyle and squad that you’re choosing the upgrade for. In most cases, I’d prioritize taking the Backpack over a secondary weapon. You get a nice advantage not having to rely on engineers placing ammo boxes. And then even finding them. Also, if you’re a fan of destroying tanks, you can stock up on Explosion Packs.

If you have any other questions about the game Enlisted, feel free to comment below the article. Let us know if you think this upgrade is worth getting or not. And while you’re here, if you’d like to see more Enlisted guides, you can visit our guide hub here. Other useful guides filled with tips and tricks are listed below too.


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