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Outriders – Yagak Boss Guide (Humanity)

Outriders - Yagak Boss Guide 2

If you’re working on the Outriders Humanity questline, you’ll eventually run into a boss from earlier. However, if you’re actually in Utargak at the Hilltop Monastery, you’re looking for this Yagak boss guide instead. Now that we have that out of the way, get ready for a long fight against Yagak with two phases. This guide explains both phases thoroughly, every attack to expect, and a bunch of tips to help you beat him.

How to Beat Yagak the Second Time in Outriders
First Yagak Phase
Second Yagak Phase
Yagak Boss Gameplay No Commentary
Recommended Weapons to Beat Yagak

How to Beat Yagak the Second Time in Outriders

Make sure you prepare for this fight before entering The Caravel ship’s hangar, because it immediately starts after doing so. As mentioned above, Yagak has two phases for each half of his health bar. Once you take out the first half, you’ll need to move a short distance to a separate fighting area. While I can’t confirm it, it’s likely there aren’t any checkpoints in-between phases similar to other Outriders bosses. Continue reading below for tips on each phase.

*Quick explanation for those that don’t know what AoEs are. This stands for Area of Effect; a marked area on the floor warning you of an attack about to happen.

First Yagak Phase

Outriders - Yagak First Phase Tips

Unlike the first time you fought Yagak, he won’t move around nearly as much. You’ll mainly need to watch out for AoE skills while getting shots in. Unfortunately, this is another endurance boss fight where he has a lot of health to take out. So long as you destroy his Anomaly Rifts and watch the floor for AoEs, you can avoid most damage. Yagak only uses skills to attack you in this phase and won’t attack directly. Fortunately, that means he doesn’t move much which makes it easier to shoot him in-between skills.

Each first phase attack is explained below:

  • Anomaly Rifts – Spawns two Anomaly Rifts/blue orbs that slowly shoot at you. These may have another use, but I haven’t noticed anything. I try to take these out immediately.
  • Ground Blast – Yagak quickly hovers toward you, slamming the floor with a large AoE.
  • Sand Wyrm – This is a channeled skill where he summons a Sand Wyrm to strike a medium-sized line path across the floor. It reaches from the storm to the back.
  • Grasping Shock – This is another channeled skill that deals damage in a large AoE circle.
  • Overload – Summons a shield while channeling and then damages the area around him. You can interrupt this shield.

Second Yagak Phase

Outriders - Yagak Second Phase Tips

The second phase still isn’t like the first time you fought Yagak, but he does mix in more movement. Instead of only attacking you with skills like the first phase, he’ll throw in some attacks too. First, always prioritize killing the Anomaly Rifts and Berserkers when they appear. Then, learn each attack Yagak has so you can prioritize staying alive. Having a decent way to heal during the fight is a game-changer like Weapon or Skill Life Leech. This will help keep you alive when there aren’t Berserkers to kill. As you learn the fight, it becomes much easier to deal damage.

Each second phase attack is explained below:

  • Anomaly Rifts – Spawns two, similar to the first phase. These shoot slowly at you.
  • Hook Chains – This is a quick AoE in a straight line, in front of him. Once the channel ends, he’ll pull himself to the end of the marked path. Sometimes he shifts the marked path toward you until pulling himself forward. Prepare to dodge roll if this happens.
  • Sand Wyrm – Same skill as the first phase. Summons a medium-sized line path across the field dealing damage.
  • Displacement – Same skill from the first Yagak fight where he quickly teleports somewhere. This triggers halfway into channeling.
  • Chain Lightning – Hit-scan skill that seems to hit you unless it’s interrupted.
  • He swings his chains in a large circle around him dealing damage. Then, he does a follow-up AoE toward you slamming the ground.
  • He summons an invincible shield and then spawns four Berserkers. Try to kill the Berserkers quickly, or else you’ll have to deal with him too. Also, this shield reflects damage if you shoot it.
  • He has a melee combo/swipe in front of him with decent range. During my fight, he had a four-hit combo and a seven-hit combo. This isn’t an AoE or skill.
  • One final attack is a fire skill where he slams the floor in a cross with a flame path.

Yagak Boss Gameplay No Commentary

Recommended Weapons to Beat Yagak

Outriders - Yagak Second Phase Berserkers

Similar to the first time fighting Yagak, I recommend using an automatic weapon with Weapon Life Leech. If you’re confident you won’t ever get hit by his attacks, you won’t need any life leech. But it makes a huge impact on staying alive, otherwise. By combining an automatic weapon with life leech, you can consistently deal damage while healing quickly. I defeated him using a Light Machine Gun, benefitting from a massive amount of ammo. Also, a shotgun works well for killing extra enemies quickly.

As usual, I recommend not using a sniper rifle since it becomes difficult to see AoE skills. This only applies to using rifles with scopes. However, you can get away with any other weapon decently. The second phase is more difficult with close weapons such as shotguns. On the contrary, it works well in the first phase. A useful trick is that there’s a safe moment in-between phases if you want to change weapons.

Regarding mods, I always prioritize ones that buff my skills, keep me alive, and have crowd control. Such as slowing or interrupting the boss. Since Yagek has a large amount of health, your main goal is staying alive even if the fight takes a while.

If you’re still struggling with Yagak, comment below and we’ll try to help out. Make sure you’re not wearing under-leveled gear when going into this fight. Otherwise, you’ll have a much more difficult time. Don’t forget, you can always lower the World Tier for an easier time too. If this guide helped you learn something, be sure to check out our Outriders guide hub here.

Tom Bryant

Friday 9th of April 2021

Level 25 Firepower 1,804 Weapons I’m using Upgraded ECA-B (SMG) Zebra Corr -13a Camo Rad 69

My Health is at 1,266

My armor is at 3,195

And I still can’t beat Yagak for the 2nd time 😡😡 On Xbox one S

Jeffrey Lerman

Friday 9th of April 2021

As mentioned in my other comment, this video is from when I beat originally beast Yagak. It's just raw gameplay, without commentary. But I figured it might help a little. Weapon Leech is definitely a big game changer.

Jeffrey Lerman

Friday 9th of April 2021

Hey Tom, I've been meaning to upload a video from my first time fighting Yagak. I'll upload it within the hour and get back to you with another comment linking it. While the fight still plays the same regardless of class, there are definitely certain skills better than others. And it's possible you might just be on a tough World Tier for him too.