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Everspace 2 – The Edge of the Universe Walkthrough

The Edge of the Universe Walkthrough 3

If you need help completing the Everspace 2 mission, The Edge of the Universe, continue reading below for our walkthrough. This guide contains in-detail steps on what you need to do for each objective alongside some tips and tricks. If you’re still struggling with something, comment below the article to get some help.

The Edge of the Universe Walkthrough

The Edge of the Universe mission starts after completing From Scratch. For this mission, you’ll need to travel to three different locations and activate devices to distract enemy radars. These devices are known as bean bags, according to Dax. Now exit the hangar and hop into Jump Drive toward either of the three objectives. This walkthrough starts with the Rhodia Orbit bean bag.

Rhodia Orbit Bean Bag

The Edge of the Universe Walkthrough 1

Once you enter this region, stay in Cruise Drive until you reach the objective where some outlaws are. Don’t be surprised if they take out your shield since there are several nearby. If you want to repair your hull, you may have Nanobots in your inventory that you can equip. They’ll appear on your hotkey bar at the bottom right corner when equipped.

The Edge of the Universe Walkthrough 2

Depending on where you encountered the outlaws, you may be near a secret container. This requires going to an Energy Sphere Dispenser, getting an energy sphere from it, and bringing it to an Energy Socket. Both the dispenser and socket have markers on your HUD once you’re near them. While this isn’t required for The Edge of the Universe, it’s worth doing since you’ll find other opportunities for loot like this. Once you bring the sphere to the socket, release it to unlock a nearby door with two containers.

The Edge of the Universe Walkthrough 3

Back to the mission, once you reach the bean bag objective, you’ll find out it’s missing two antennas. Your character simulates a crash path showing the direction each antenna floated toward. These are the yellow holograms of each antenna. By following the direction of each hologram, you’ll eventually reach where the antenna is. Grab each one and bring them back to the broken bean bag. Once you’re near the bean bag with an antenna, it will automatically attach.

Union Bridge Bean Bag

The Edge of the Universe Walkthrough 5

Cruise Drive over to the objective in the Union Bridge system to find another busted bean bag. Noticing a disconnected Power Core nearby, your character assumes this is the issue. Which leads to Dax tipping you off about it being an ambush. Once the outlaws are dealt with, all you need to do is remove some debris near the bean bag. Simply grab the debris with your ship and throw it away to fix the bean bag.

CETO Outer Rim Bean Bag

The Edge of the Universe Walkthrough 6

Once you enter the CETO Outer Rim system, your first marker will probably be a side mission you can grab. This is an Escape Pod where you can download a logbook to start the mission, The Undead Ship. Otherwise, Dax will mention that there’s a trader in the area called The Flying Dutchess. This is an optional objective to head over where you can check out their shop and get a challenge. Don’t buy Plating here for your ship as Dax will give you some for free.

The Edge of the Universe Walkthrough 7

For the main mission objective, you may notice an objective flickering on the edge of your HUD randomly. This is the wayward marker referred to in The Edge of the Universe objective. Keep an eye out for it and try to lock down its position. Eventually, it’ll bring you to an asteroid where the bean bag is infested with hydras. The same weird mushrooms from the first Everspace 2 mission, The Wingman (Part 1). Destroy these to clean up the bean bag.

If you don’t mind spending more time in this system, there are Power Cores nearby that you can move into Power Sockets. If you stumble across this spot in CETO Outer Rim, you can loot some containers. Afterward, return to the homebase in Rhodia II.

Return to the Homebase

The Edge of the Universe Walkthrough 8

Once you’re back in Rhodia II, head into the homebase through the blue forcefield. You’ll get some new dialogue with Dax learning more about who he is. If you didn’t buy Plating at The Flying Dutchess, Dax will also give you some for your ship. Then, check the homebase Storage tab and equip the Plating to advance the mission. Once your conversation with Dax ends, The Edge of the Universe mission will be complete. This leads to the next mission, In Transit.