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Eternal Return: Black Survival – Jackie Build

Eternal Return Black Survival Jackie Build

Welcome to our Eternal Return: Black Survival Jackie Build filled with tips and tricks for learning and mastering her. This guide includes specific items to use, tips for how to use her skills, and other miscellaneous tricks you may not know. If you’re looking for general Eternal Return: Black Survival tips and tricks, we have those here too.

Skills With Tips
Build Items and Route
Jackie Tips and Tricks

Learning Jackie’s Skills

Eternal Return Jackie Hack and Slash Hack & Slash (Q) Jackie swings her weapon twice in front of her making enemies bleed. This is a good skill to initiate with if you’re close to an enemy already. Especially since it will buff your other skills now that your opponent is bleeding.
Eternal Return Jackie Adrenaline Burst Adrenaline Boost (W) Jackie moves quicker for a short time, deals extra damage to bleeding targets, and heals per hit if they’re bleeding. Taking advantage of this during a fight while on top of an enemy provides a good chunk of lifesteal for staying alive. I prefer to use this when attacking an enemy instead of as a way to chase. However, you can use it for a desperate chase or if you need to escape.
Eternal Return Jackie Leaping Strike Leaping Strike (E) Jackie leaps to a targeted location dealing damage to nearby enemies on landing. This skill also slows anyone hit by it if they’re bleeding. A useful trick with Leaping Strike is jumping over walls to escape when you’re losing a fight. Otherwise, this is great for killing an enemy trying to run.
Eternal Return Jackie Chainsaw Murderer Chainsaw Murderer (R) Jackie’s chainsaw boosts her attack speed and makes her basic attacks bleed enemies. Once the Chainsaw Murderer skill ends, she deals high damage around her. This skill is a good backup if you miss your Hack & Slash. Plus, you’ll also get a nice boost to your attack speed.
Eternal Return Jackie Bloodfest Bloodfest (Passive) Bloodfest provides a temporary buff to your damage for every animal/player you kill, with an additional one from killing bears specifically. This skill helps significantly with getting Jackie’s weapon mastery up by farming animals around Lumia Island. If you kill an animal before engaging an enemy, your damage can be as high as 15% more or even 55% with both buffs.
Eternal Return Jackie Dual Sword Rampage Dual Sword Rampage (D) Dual Sword Rampage is a weapon skill that charges toward an enemy dealing damage. If you hit an enemy, you can immediately use the skill again before a cooldown starts. This gives Jackie extra damage and mobility staying on an enemy. You can even use it to attack through an enemy, messing up their skill shots. While there are other weapon skills for Jackie, this is the one used in this build.

Jackie Dual Sword Build Items

This is a build/plan I imported that I’ve done relatively well using in solo, duos, and squad play. It’s a dual sword build that uses the following items below. The reason I enjoy this build is because you can make the Dioscuri quickly making it easy to play aggressively.

Plus, this route doesn’t follow Nimble Neuron’s recommended build which helps you get the items you need without much competition. Overall, you’ll end up with decent damage utilizing a fast attack speed. Alongside higher damage per second (DPS), three items provide extra health giving you more survivability.

Build import code: 164711

Dioscuri Attack Power +38, Attack Speed +50%
Butler’s Suit Attack Power +30, Movement Speed +0.1, Life Steal +20%, Defense from Normal Attacks +10
Motorcycle Helmet Attack Power +10, Max HP +300, Vision Range +2.5
Sword of Shah Jahan Attack Power +28, Max HP +350, Defense from Normal Attacks +2
Feather Boots HP Regen +1, Attack Speed +30%, Movement Speed +0.4
Magazine Max HP +350, Defense from Normal Attacks +6

Jackie Tips and Tricks For Winning

Eternal Return Black Survival Tips and Tricks

  • Be careful when going after fast characters like Li Dailin, Zahir, or Aya that can kite you. If you can’t reach your target, you’re better off running away. When the final zone hits, they’ll have more trouble escaping.
  • Don’t forget that your Leaping Strike ability is great for getting past walls to escape or chase.
  • A good skill combo is Q-W-R-D-E. Don’t bother using your Leaping Strike (E) unless they try to run away.
  • Start farming animals once you finish building your Dioscuri. Your damage will be high enough to clear animals quickly, even bears too. This helps grind your weapon mastery even if you don’t engage other players. Plus, your Bloodfest passive helps significantly.
  • If you have the finished build in this guide, you can take out Wickeline so long as your abilities hit. You should still eat food to keep your health regen up in case another player shows up. But, you shouldn’t need to use your ult. Killing Wickeline will drop rare items, a Medkit providing +950 health regen, and a damage over time buff.
  • Take advantage of the scoreboard on Tab by default. Anytime a player appears on your minimap, their items and stats will update. This is a great way to see how far into their build they are based on item colors and what their weapon mastery is. You can gauge whether it’s worth hunting them down or not.
  • Surveillance Cameras work well with the previous tip so you can find players before they’re on top of you.
  • Your W is best to use while fighting, but it can still come in handy for chasing an enemy or escaping yourself.

If you’re playing Eternal Return: Black Survival and have some Jackie tips of your own, be sure to let others know in the comments. And if you’re looking for more content, we’ve got a tier list guide here based on win rates. Or if you’d prefer some tips on leveling quickly, we’ve got that here too.


Tuesday 16th of February 2021

thanks bruv


Thursday 14th of January 2021

can we have the import ID?

Jeffrey Lerman

Saturday 16th of January 2021

Hey Worique, here's the code for that build: 164711.