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Fall Guys – Guides For Every Race Mini-Game

Fall Guys Screenshot Guide For Race MInigames

Start getting those Fall Guys wins by using our tips and tricks for every race mini-game. If you haven’t read our 10 Best Tips and Tricks For Beginners yet, those are for the entire game instead. Otherwise, use the Table of Contents below for whatever race you may be struggling with. And if you have any tips of your own, be sure to let others know in the comments below the article!

Quick disclaimer, a couple of races don’t have videos yet because I haven’t been able to play them. More tips and guides will be added over time.

Table of Contents

Hit Parade
Dizzy Heights
See Saw
Slime Climb
Door Dash
Gate Crash
Tip Toe
The Whirlygig
Fruit Chute

Hit Parade Guide

Hit Parade is one of the easier Fall Guys races because it’s less random and only has so many ways for other players to mess with you. Here are some tips to help you win:

  • Go to the beam in front of you, because the players are spread evenly from left to right to prevent overcrowding. If you fall, don’t worry, just run forward up the hill. You’ll still make decent time.
  • Most players will go through the middle of the paddles, try not to fight against the majority here. Otherwise, you’ll get stuck and make no progress. The closer you are to the gap, the more likely you are to get through.
  • The wrecking balls are a good way to clear out players trying to rush through Hit Parade. Take your time and pay attention, moving toward the side away from each wrecking ball to save time. If you need to, you can dive out of the way too.
  • The slimy hill isn’t anything too difficult, just avoid running into too many players as usual.

Dizzy Heights Guide

Dizzy Heights is a tough course because it relies mostly on skill and timing. The video above shows how it got its name because it’s full of moving floors that’ll make you dizzy. While certain parts of the course are more difficult than others, there are checkpoints and alternate routes to help you.

  • Try to go with the flow of the first patch of spinning floors. If you run against the path it’s spinning, you’ll lose time and likely miss your jump.
  • The rolling cannonballs are easy to dodge if you step into the side pockets of space. If you get hit, it probably won’t end your run, but you’ll lose time for sure.
  • The second patch of spinning floors have an alternate route below if you fall. You’ll have to jump through moving doors to catch back up. If you’re better at this, you might even beat players up top.
  • Once you get past the second patch of spinning floors, don’t forget to jump at the top of the short hill. If you don’t jump or dive, you’ll likely fall off the stage and get sent back to a checkpoint.
  • The last obstacle has a few more spinning floors you can use to dodge incoming cannonballs. So long as you don’t get hit by them while going up the hill, you’re all good to go. Also, try to avoid the three raised floor octagons because the tiny ramp on them will slow you down.

See Saw Guide

The See Saw obstacle course looks simple on paper, but in reality, it’s often a chaotic mess. This entire map revolves around players balancing see-saws so they can jump to the next one. However, the balance you need is often thrown off by a hoard of players hopping on your see-saw.

  • If you’re on a steep see-saw that you’re worried about slipping on, don’t jump. So long as you walk, you’re a lot less likely to fall off.
  • There are times when you’ll want to help others balance the see-saw so you can get to the next one. In spite of that, you don’t need to go all the way to one side to help. You can go only part of the way to contribute but not lose your opportunity to jump to the next one.
  • See-saws will stabilize and balance back out if nobody is on them. Sometimes you’ll find yourself stuck at a checkpoint waiting because you can’t jump onto the next one.
  • I avoid diving on this map because it’s easy to stumble and slip off a steep see-saw.
  • If you’re closer to the middle of a see-saw, you’re not changing the balance significantly. Use this to your advantage when you’re trying to move across them.

Slime Climb Guide

Fall Guys Slime Climb Tips and Tricks

While I’ve played Slime Climb many times, for whatever reason, I can’t get it again to record a video guide. Once I get into another Slime Climb mini-game, I’ll have a video guide available above. In the meantime, here are some tips and tricks to hold you over.

  • The name Slime Climb is because there’s a pool of slime rising and you need to keep climbing to avoid it. If you fall in, you’ll be eliminated from the match.
  • The beginning of this mini-game is often filled with chaos as people try unique ways to jump over walls. Be careful that you don’t get caught up in it, but keep an eye out for how to save time too.
  • Be careful of falling off the yellow beams, they feel a lot more slippery than they look. Sometimes stopping before you go on a beam can make a big difference.
  • Take your time moving in-between the second area of outward pushing walls/pistons. You can and often have to stop in-between them
  • The wrecking balls near the end are nothing compared to the ones in Hit Parade, but you still shouldn’t underestimate them.

Door Dash Guide

Door Dash is a simple race challenge in Fall Guys that unfortunately, is completely random. You have to run through multiple rows of doors that may or may not open. This makes it a difficult puzzle that only gives you a couple of ways to save time.

  • Remember that Door Dash has a high amount of people that can qualify. You don’t need to be the first player to find an open door.
  • The number of doors available continues to get smaller with each row. This reduces the amount of doors that will open.
  • Keep to the middle of the stage so you have more flexibility to go left, right, or straight to an open door. You’ll want to keep behind a few players so you can let them find the right or wrong doors for you. Running into the wrong door multiple times as one person will make you lose a lot of time.
  • If you get stuck in a jumble of players at a door, you can jump and dive over them to get past.

Gate Crash Guide

Gate Crash is a short Fall Guys race that relies on timing more than anything. Fortunately, there’s a significant amount of room that prevents overcrowding at any of the obstacles. There are only a few tips I can give for Gate Crash.

  • This race revolves around doors raising and lowering from the ground that will knock you over if you touch them. You’ll want to start with the doors immediately in front of you, so you don’t get stuck near too many other players.
  • If you know a door has been down too long and is about to rise, combine a jump and dive to get a little height over it.
  • You can make it over at least half the final wall with a well-timed jump and dive combo here too.

Tip Toe Guide

Tip Toe is the most unique race in Fall Guys because it’s not an obstacle course like the others. Instead of facing difficult obstacles or outrunning a pool of slime, you’re trying to solve a puzzle. Tip Toe revolves around finding a hidden path of tiles to win.

  • Fake tiles stepped on will disappear permanently, making it easier to find and remember the correct path.
  • If a tile hasn’t been stepped on in a while, it will stop glowing and may become more difficult to follow.
  • Fake tiles will occasionally shake.
  • If you’re leading the pack, you can slowly walk onto the next tile without necessarily falling if you turn around quickly.
  • Walking in-between two tiles in the beginning is a way to test multiple tiles.
  • You’re often better off following other people making mistakes than falling yourself.

The Whirlygig Guide

Fall Guys The Whirlygig

The Whirlygig is an interesting race course because there are a few unique tricks to get ahead. Also, there’s a windmill on this mini-game that’s extremely tempting, but almost impossible to get past. Until we can get a recorded match of The Whirlygig, take a look at these written tips below.

  • You may notice some people play the odds and fling themselves ahead using the spinning beams. It’s risky, but if you time it right, you can definitely launch yourself ahead.
  • The first windmill is slow enough that you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting through it. If you’re struggling, just stop for a moment and use a dive to jump past it.
  • The third windmill/propeller above the ramp isn’t worth trying unless you’re far behind. The trick to getting past this is to go to the far left or right of it and dive slightly before reaching it. Diving will get your body low to the ground and give you a better chance of passing through.
  • The final windmill requires patience to get through if there isn’t an opening to jump across. Just don’t forget about the quick beam spinning around your platform.

Fruit Chute Guide

Fall Guys Fruit Chute Tips and Tricks

Despite several hours into Fall Guys, I haven’t had the Fruit Chute map/mini-game yet. Until then, I won’t have a video guide, but you can still see my written tips and tricks below from what I’ve seen online. And if you have any tips for others, be sure to drop them below in the comments. I’ll update this section once I get a recorded match.

  • Sometimes it’s better to wait a second before jumping down, so you don’t get jumbled in with the majority of players.
  • The sides are often good for avoiding fruit because the barriers can block them.
  • Beware of the rolling log that gets sent down the middle. You’ll easily lose a ton of progress while trying to recover from being knocked over.
  • Just because you’re trying to move forward, that doesn’t mean you can’t move backward to avoid incoming fruit. If you don’t make it to the end, time doesn’t matter.

I hope these tips and tricks for every race in Fall Guys help you get closer to winning that crown. If you’d like to see more guides, we have the 10 Best Tips and Tricks For Beginners alongside commonly asked Fall Guys questions here.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout released on August 4, 2020, for PC on Steam and PlayStation 4. It’s temporarily free on PlayStation 4 for PS Plus subscribers. Developer Mediatonic has stated it doesn’t have cross-platform play, but may in the future.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was provided by the PR company via a Steam code.