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Deep Rock Galactic – Guntower Machine Event Guide

Deep Rock Galactic has a new machine event that features a Guntower gone mad. Whether you’ve run into one yet or not, this guide gets right to the point on what you need to know and how to beat it. The video above shows gameplay of an entire Guntower machine event alongside useful tips.

Table of Contents

What is Deep Rock Galactic’s Guntower Machine Event?

If you don’t know what a machine event is, click here.

The Guntower machine event was added in Update 27 when the Modular Extermination Towers were inserted into bug caves. However, the Guntowers turned against us and now need to be destroyed. This is why we have a new machine event for overclocks and cosmetics if you have a promoted dwarf.

Your first step in taking down a Guntower in Deep Rock Galactic revolves around a simple and neat mechanic. There are three small platforms surrounding the Guntower that need to be captured for it to become vulnerable. Each platform represents one of the three guns attached to the tower. Similar to other bosses, each weapon has a large health bar at the top of the screen.

Deep Rock Galactic Guntower

Capture platforms in this machine event to make weak points vulnerable.

When one platform is captured over a span of a few seconds, the weapon it’s connected to becomes vulnerable. Weak points will appear on the Guntower as small green tanks/canisters to shoot. They don’t take much to break, but every tank must be destroyed to break that weapon. More details about how many tanks each weapon has are in the next section.

Once all three weapons are destroyed, the Guntower explodes with a container awaiting your Blank Matrix Core. If you don’t have a Blank Matrix Core, you can’t take one of the three rewards, unfortunately. For those that do, there are three choosable rewards with a variety mixed in.

Three Types of Weapons/Core Parts

This section focuses on each of the three weapons attached to the Guntower/Exterminator and what to know. The table below has expandable images for each gun when clicked.

  Weapon Type Number of Weakpoints  Click to Expand
Twin Slicer Twin lasers opposite each other that aim high. 2 Green Tanks Twin Slicer
Heavy Burster Machine gun that targets using a red spotlight. 3 Green Tanks Heavy Burster
Radial Pulse-Gun Pulsating gun that shoots pink wave around the Guntower. 3 Green Tanks Radial Pulse-Gun

Twin Slicer – The Twin Slicer hence its name uses twin lasers on both sides of the Guntower. As shown in the expandable picture above, it’s at the top of the tower. This makes it easy to avoid if you stay at a low or medium elevation in comparison to the tower.

Heavy Burster – The Heavy Burster is a machine gun turret that follows a red spotlight targeting system. If the red spotlight lands on you as the tower rotates, the gun turret will focus you. The Heavy Burster takes a good chunk out of your health fast.

Radial Pulse-Gun – The Radial Pulse-Gun chips away at your health and is a pain if the Heavy Burster focuses you simultaneously. It’s more an inconvenience than anything since it’s frustrating to dodge. It frequently shoots out pink waves around the Guntower. You can jump over them, but good use of terrain and Engineer platforms are useful too.

7 Fast Guntower Tips

Stay low to avoid the Twin Slicer
The Heavy Burster won’t shoot you if you stay out of the spotlight.
Walls block the Radial Pulse-Gun, but ammo pods don’t.
Ammo pods are a good backup for health.
The Iron Will perk helps big-time combined with using ammo pods to stay alive.
If you’re solo, Bosco can help shoot weak points and revive you. If you target a core part with your scanner, Bosco won’t attack it.
You don’t need to stay on a platform after capturing it.

What Rewards Do You Get?

Deep Rock Galactic Overclocks

Trade a Blank Matrix Core for an overclock or cosmetic reward.

As briefly explained in the first section, rewards are available at the end if you have a Blank Matrix Core. This varies from an Infused Matrix Core where the overclock or cosmetic is already chosen. All machine events have a terminal at the end where a variety of overclocks and cosmetics are available. Only one is choosable and it consumes your Blank Matrix Core.

What are Machine Events?

Machine events were added in Update 26 as a challenge for more experienced players. They function as an end-game random event that requires a promoted class. If you haven’t promoted a class yet, you won’t have the Tritilyte Key needed to activate machine events. Once hitting level 25, completing the assignment, and promoting a class, you unlock a permanent Tritilyte Key for that class.

All machine events then become activatable for a fun challenge. However, you need to play on the promoted class specifically. If you play on a class that hasn’t been promoted yet, you can’t activate any machine events. If someone in your party has a Tritilyte Key, you don’t need one to participate in the event.

Machine events are also an opportunity for cosmetics and strong weapon upgrades as explained in the above section.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the Guntower machine event. Did you find it difficult?

Deep Rock Galactic is available on Xbox One and PC via Humble Bundle and Steam Early Access as of February 28, 2018.

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