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Bethesda Offers Fallout 76 Collectors 500 Atoms Over Nylon Bag

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 fans have found themselves disappointed with the $200 Power Armor collector’s edition. By now most people have likely seen the power armor helmet around the internet in all its detail. However, that’s not what all the fuss is about.

As shown in the picture above, a “Canvas West Tek Duffel Bag” was to accompany the power armor helmet. Instead, people are sharing the bag they received, something much cheaper, a nylon bag. Discussed further down, Bethesda’s solution over complaints is to give out their in-game currency, Atoms.

The bag above is what consumers were promised, whereas the image below courtesy of Imgur user @LanternCupcake, is what people have gotten instead.

Fallout 76

An email below shows the original response a Bethesda Softworks customer support representative had on the matter. Essentially saying the issue came down to an “unavailability of materials” forcing them to switch to a nylon bag instead. It’s one thing to advertise a collector’s edition with a canvas bag and another to advertise what is actually offered, a nylon bag.

It’s entirely possible the original goal was to have a canvas bag as advertised and as the representative stated, it fell through. That’s likely why all marketing assets for the collector’s edition is still online at several retailers such as Amazon. Rather than being a dishonest case of false advertising.


Fallout 76

The latest response from Bethesda via Twitter has been to gift people their in-game currency, 500 Atoms.

The 500 Atoms offered comes out to a value of $5, which many people have already shown dismay over. Take a look at some of the responses below:

If you were Bethesda, what would you do differently to make it up to people who bought the Fallout 76 Collector’s Edition?

Fallout 76 is available on PC via Humble Bundle, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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