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Welcome to Slyther Games

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Hey there, I’m Jeffrey Lerman or known by my alias Snakester95. I’ve been covering video games since 2010 and as a lover of them, I’m here to continue doing that! Slyther Games is a way to give me a space to cover the industry in any way I want while giving you interesting content.

Everything from video game reviews to in-depth guides that help you get through those tough frustrating parts. Or even just useful tips and tricks lists to prepare you for a new game. Alongside reviews and guides, you can expect the occasional feature based on thorough research, editorials on current events, and even video content sometimes. As Slyther Games continues to develop, I’ll keep producing engaging content for you while also taking on contributors sometimes too.

Like many people, I grew up playing video games ever since I was little when my Dad introduced them to my brother and me. Whether that was ToeJam & Earl or Streets of Rage on a Sega Genesis or Halo on an Xbox. I was fortunate enough to experience many games across different consoles. Even getting into PC gaming relatively early as well.

Video games have always been a way for me to bond and create great friendships with others. This is a big part of what drew me to wanting to cover this industry. Some of my favorite times have been reporting on gaming events professionally like PAX East or IndieCade. Between being obsessed with the indie mega booth to playing tabletop games with major developers.

These experiences have helped develop my skills as a writer, YouTuber, and streamer on Twitch. This is why I knew I had to create my own space at Slyther Games. In doing so, it’s given me a ton of freedom as well as many opportunities I can chase. It’s even led to helping pay off my associate degree in journalism. Which has helped refine my journalism background and given me a chance to write in print/newspapers.

I look forward to creating all sorts of interesting content on Slyther Games for all of you to enjoy. I’ll continue to use the experience I’ve gained from writing at media outlets like,, and even smaller ones like and