Splitgate - What is the Olympus Race

Splitgate – What is the Olympus Race

Splitgate is a free-to-play shooter that revolves around portals for a constantly changing fight. One of the many Weekly Challenges revolves around a hidden mode that not all players know…

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Splitgate - How to Get Legacy Title

Splitgate – How to Get the Legacy Title

The free-to-play shooter Splitgate first became playable on Steam back in 2019 giving people a chance to try it. Depending on when you first play the game, you may have…

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Splitgate - Portal Kill Highwind Tip

Splitgate – What is a Portal Kill

Splitgate is a free-to-play shooter with a difficult achievement that has many players wondering how it works. This is the Trickster achievement/trophy which requires getting a portal kill. Typically most…

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Splitgate - Bots Guide Screenshot

Does Splitgate Have Bots?

Free-to-play shooter Splitgate has recently jumped in popularity leading to queue times for those trying to get in. While queue times tend to be on the shorter side, it still…

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