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Hogwarts Legacy combat can be tough especially when you find yourself overwhelmed by enemies like Dark Wizards and frustrating spiders. This is why it’s important to have a good understanding of how the game works. These combat tips will help you even if you’re still early on and don’t have many spells unlocked.

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The open-world RPG Hogwarts Legacy is filled with locked doors that likely have you wondering how to unlock locks. Whether you’ve come across a small house in Hogsmeade or a locked office in Hogwarts, there’s always loot to be found. Especially if you’re working on a side quest or even just trying to find field …

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If you’re grinding through the slow early game of Hogwarts Legacy, you may find yourself stuck with gear that you’re not sure where to sell. This can be a pain when you’re exploring for loot and can’t hold anymore due to your limited inventory size. Fortunately, once you may some progress in the story you’ll …

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If you’re not sure how to change your appearance or clothes in Hogwarts Legacy, this guide is for you. Once you’ve finished creating your character at the start, you may realize you don’t like how something looks. Perhaps it’s a scar you’ve changed your mind about or a hat that doesn’t fit you.

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