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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Open Eye Chests

Hogwarts Legacy - How to Open Eye Chests

Hogwarts Legacy is filled with secrets and little puzzles that can often confuse you if you’re not sure how to solve them. Such as how to open eye chests that get angry when you go near them. Especially if you’re wondering how to get gold for items and upgrades, this is a good place to start.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for loot or gold, these eye chests are always worth using your Revelio spell to track down. However, unlike other secrets that rely on a variety of tricks like even the time of day, this one revolves around one spell in particular.

How to Open Eye Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy - How to Open Eyeball Chests

Eyeball chests love to stare you down as you get close. Beware their stare.

When you first come across one of these chests you may notice that they’re quite lively with a big eye in the center. This eye will follow you once you’re within a short distance and then the chest will slam down if you get too close. Which asks the question, how can you open it when it’s constantly watching you?

The trick here is that you need to sneak up on it while invisible which can be achieved in two different ways. Even though there are two options, the main method is to learn the Disillusionment spell. This will almost completely cloak your character so you can sneak around quietly.

Hogwarts Legacy - Using Revelio to Find Chests

As we mentioned in our tips and tricks guide, prepare to spam Revelio as you search Hogwarts Legacy for loot.

If you haven’t learned Disillusionment yet, you’ll need to make a little more progress in the main story for Hogwarts Legacy. Once you reach the eighth quest, Secrets of the Restricted, Sebastian Sallow will teach you the spell. Even though you use it in that quest to sneak around the library, you can also use it to sneak up on enemies too.

If you sneak all the way up to an enemy without being detected, you can then use Petrificus Totalus for deadly results. This will often instantly take out an enemy at or even slightly above your level. And you can further upgrade it via useful Talents to take out multiple enemies at once. Other than using Disillusionment, you can use an Invisibility Potion, but this can get expensive fast.

Hogwarts Legacy - Sneaking Up on a Chest Using Disillusionment

Even though enemies can see through your illusion when sneaking in front of them, the chest cannot.

Regardless, once you have Disillusionment, make sure you cast it before getting close an eye chest. Otherwise, the chest won’t open while you’re next to it. Fortunately, in this case, all you need to do is walk a short distance away and come back.

Then, you can easily walk up to the chest with Disillusionment active and the chest will continue to look around frantically. Without seeing you, you can catch the eye chest by surprise and open it up for a nice reward of 500 gold.

Hogwarts Legacy - Eye Chest Reward For Farming Gold

Between selling old gear and looting eye chests for money, you can start to afford the more expensive items.

Every eye chest in Hogwarts Legacy seems to give the same 500 gold reward, so you won’t get any items. But, it can significantly help you buy the variety of available items in Hogsmeade. Especially once you start unlocking expensive broom upgrades.

Not that the cost to change your appearance is much at least. With that said, the annoying thing about tracking down eye chests is that they aren’t listed on the map. Such as Hogsmeade which lists the amount of Collection Chests, Field Guide Pages, and Demiguise Statues. This can make it tougher to find them without spamming Revelio everywhere.

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That’s all there is to this Hogwarts Legacy guide on how to open eye chests. Make sure to keep an eye out for the many opportunities to get loot in the Wizarding World. It can be a pain when you’re just a little short of the gold you need for a new item.