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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Get Broom

Hogwarts Legacy - How to Get a Broom

If you’re dying to explore the Wizarding World of Hogwarts Legacy from the sky, you may be wondering how to get a broom. And on top of that, you may be unsure how to use a broom or perhaps even just how to pull it out when you want to. This guide answers those questions and more.

Up until you get your first broom, it can be a pain running everywhere by foot. Especially since the Wizarding World is quite large and can’t fast travel everywhere. As our tips and tricks guide says, fast travel is definitely the quickest, but you still have to find those Floo Flames. And for those of you wondering about the right Everett Clopton choice, we explain both options.

How to Get a Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Complete the Flying Class Quest

Hogwarts Legacy - Flying Class Quest to Unlock Broom

The Flying Class quest runs you through a couple of simple cutscene actions before you can take flight for the first time.

Before you can fly, you’ll need to complete the Flying Class quest. This is a main quest that you’ll get after completing Jackdaw’s Rest. Afterward, make your way over to Flying Class Lawn. You’ll need to start it during the day but you can still head here and wait via the starting point. Or by pressing F while on the map to change the time of day.

This starts the Flying Class with Madam Kogawa where you’ll learn how to use a broom and commit a little mischief with character, Everett Clopton. Before he entices you to wander off course, you’ll need to fly through several rings placed around Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Legacy - Everett Clopton Choice

Every now and then Hogwarts Legacy loves to throw a troublemaker at you to see how you’ll act.

Eventually, Everett Clopton will ask if you want to escape class and go for an adventure instead. You’ll learn how to use your boost to go even faster and explore a little bit more. While some players may wonder if you should say yes or no to Clopton, your choice doesn’t seem to matter. In my playthrough, I chose the “Won’t we get in trouble?” option and he made me go along anyway.

This leads to Kogawa scolding both you and Clopton despite complimenting your flying. Afterward, a short conversation with Clopton mentions losing some house points. He then recommends where to go to buy a broom as explained in the next section.

Buy Your First Broom in Hogsmeade

Hogwarts Legacy - Splintwitch Broom Shop

While in Hogsmeade don’t forget to sell some of your old gear You’ll need all the inventory space you can get, especially if you don’t follow tip 6 in our tips and tricks guide.

It’s easy to miss this next step where you buy your first broom since it’s an optional side quest. You’ll need to make your way over to Hogsmeade and find Albie Weekes in the Spintwitches shop. If you try visiting here before completing the Flying Class quest, the shop will be closed. Certain content is locked until you advance the story.

If you’re not sure where Spintwitch is, it’s the shop across from Ollivanders with a golden snitch symbol on the map. Once you speak with Albie Weekes inside, you can purchase your first broom for 600 gold. There are five different choices that each seem to be purely cosmetic.

Hogwarts Legacy - Broom Shop Preview

If you can’t afford your first broom, you may want to sell old items or look for eye chests that give 500 gold each. You can open them if you have the Disillusionment spell.

You can also preview what each one looks like by right-clicking the item in the shop. If you’re not playing on PC, follow the button prompt in the item description. This can help you decide which broom you want if you’re not quite sure. Once you make your choice, Weekes will give you a side quest for some speed trials in the air.

For this side quest, you’ll have to race through rings and try to beat Imelda Reyes record. Completing this side quest and returning to Weekes will get you closer to buying a broom upgrade. The first upgrade will increase your acceleration and speed for 1,000 gold.

How to Use a Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy - Why Can't I Fly

A large blurry barrier will appear when you fly close to zones that don’t allow flight in them.

If you’ve made it this far you may already know how to use a broom. But for those of you that don’t or perhaps forgot how something works, we’ve got you covered. Once you’ve purchased a broom, it will automatically be equipped and ready to go. However, you’ll need to leave Hogsmeade since this isn’t an area where you’re allowed to fly.

To know where you can and can’t fly, a small symbol above the minimap with a hippogriff crossed out shows you can’t fly there. Also, if you’re already flying, an area like Hogsmeade will have a barrier preventing you from flying in.

Hogwarts Legacy - Places You Can't Fly Symbol

You can see the hippogriff crossed out near the bottom left corner, indicating you can’t hop on your broom.

Otherwise, for those playing on PC, you can hold tab and then press 3 to use your broom. You’ll immediately pull out your broom and can start flying wherever you want. Here are the controls you need to know in case you’ve forgotten:

  • Spacebar to fly upward
  • Ctrl to fly downward
  • WASD to move, similar to walking.
  • Shift to fly quicker, similar to sprinting.
  • Hold left-click to use your boost bar.
  • B to land (if you’re far from the ground, holding B will descend quickly to land)

Disclaimer: Slyther Games and myself do not agree with J.K. Rowling’s transphobic views. Trans rights are human rights. And as such, transgender women are women, transgender men are men. Also, we do not agree with the anti-Semitic tropes used via goblins in the Harry Potter universe.

Our guide coverage of Hogwarts Legacy is for work. Some of the proceeds from our coverage will be donated to trans charities. Information regarding Rowling’s transphobic acts can be found via the GLAAD Accountability Project. Those interested in supporting trans game developers can visit this Twitter thread.

That’s all there is to this guide on how to get and use a broom in Hogwarts Legacy. If you’re struggling to beat Imelda Reyes’ time for the side quest, make sure to fly into those bubbles. While they may look like obstacles or hazards, they’ll actually give you a nice speed boost.