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Manor Lords – What to Build First

Manor Lords Screenshot of a Small Village

Knowing what to build first in Manor Lords can be confusing when you’re first starting out. That’s why I’ve put together this simple enough build order for you to get your settlement going. Even after completing a scenario, I still found myself frequently referring back to my notes for a build order. It’s easy to forget until you’ve built a few villages.

The table below works for every region since the buildings I’ve included are required regardless of your setup. Once you finish making these buildings, you’ll move on to more situational ones depending on your path. This typically revolves around the fertility of your region and what Development Point upgrades you pick.

Other than that, you’ll also be able to start upgrading your Burgages and begin gaining Regional Wealth. Just make sure you keep up with fulfilling the needs of each Burgage level to keep your approval up. Once you fall below 50% approval, you’ll no longer gain new families each month.

Recommended Manor Lords Build Order

Building Name Reason Why
1. Upgrade Homeless People’s Tents to A Worker Camp This cheap upgrade gives everyone a home and helps with getting new families quicker once you place Burgages.
2. Logging Camp Start producing Timber so you can continue building your town.
3. Forager Hut or Hunting Camp Pick whichever one is closer or if one is a rich resource so you can gain food.
4. Storehouse Start storing resources so they’re not destroyed by the weather.
5. Granary Start storing food so they’re not destroyed by the weather.
6. Marketplace This is a free placement you’ll need to supply the Burgages/houses. Place it near where houses will be. Enough space for 15-20 stalls should be good for a while.
7. Burgage Start placing Burgages to create better homes so you can meet the needs of your people. This will increase your approval and provide housing for new families to join.
8. Well Place a Well to provide water access for your Burgages.
9. Forager Hut or Hunting Camp Build the alternative to whichever you built first to get more food and food variety for approval benefits.
10. Woodcutter’s Lodge Start producing Firewood. You can change when you build a Woodcutter’s Lodge to adapt to your Firewood stock.
11. Tannery Convert Hides into Leather to fulfill the Burgage clothing need. You can get Hides from a Hunting Camp or Goat Shed workshop.
12. Sawpit Start converting Timber into Planks for more advanced buildings.
13. Wooden Church Build the church to get an approval boost to attract more people to your village.

If you’re not sure where to go next, try checking the fertility of each crop in your region. I rarely have good fertility so I don’t often focus on farming unless it’s in my second area. Barley is a really good resource to have so you can produce Ale. However, you’re more likely to have Emmer if anything. And I don’t tend to spend development points toward getting Rye. Otherwise, you can trade for Ale while focusing on upgrading your Burgages. Don’t forget to also take advantage of workshops as mentioned in our best Manor Lords tips and tricks list.