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SteamWorld Build – How to Get Rid of Creep

SteamWorld Build - How to Get Rid of Creep Guide

As you make your way deeper into the underground of SteamWorld Build you’ll eventually run into aggressive creatures. While your Guards can deal with most of them, they’ll sometimes need a little help. This is the case for learning how to get rid of creep.

Fortunately, you’ll only start to find creep once you reach the Marshy Ruins. This is the second underground area which has much more of a green tone. Unlike creatures that will outright attack you, creep is made up of a bunch of vines that slowly take over the entire area.

How to Get Rid of Creep in SteamWorld Build

SteamWorld Build - Can't Dig Because of Creep

If you ignore the vines for too long, you’ll quickly have a problem where you can no longer dig blocks. However, all you need to get rid of creep is the Flamethrower item. You can equip this to any active Guard Quarters.

After doing so, your guards will seek out any creep and burn it away. A neat trick in my 10 Best SteamWorld Build Tips and Tricks guide is that you can stack underground items. For example, one Guard Quarters facility has three unique item slots, but you can continue stacking on each item.

SteamWorld Build - Getting Rid of Creep

Such as giving your Guards two Flamethrowers or two items that give them an extra three Guards each, leading to six more. With that said, you probably don’t need multiple Flamethrowers since one seems to get the job done just fine.

If you’re struggling to find a Flamethrower to get rid of creep you can often find them in small chests. While they won’t appear in the Dusty Caverns, you shouldn’t have to search too hard in the Marshy Ruins.

How to Equip a Flamethrower

SteamWorld Build - Opening Chests for a Flamethrower

Even though the system for equipping items is relatively simple, I’m putting together this section real quick for anyone who may not be sure. Since my experience is on PC, I’ll explain how it works there. Once you have a Flamethrower, there are two methods for equipping it to a Guard Quarters.

First, you can click the Guard Quarters you want to give it to. Then, click the Edit button near the bottom left corner. This will reveal a new menu in the same window where you can click items to equip them.

SteamWorld Build - Equipping Items to Guard Quarters

As previously mentioned, you can equip three unique items here. And stack the same types on top for extra benefits. The second method is to use the Item Tool button along the bottom hotbar. It’s an open box with a pinkish purple plus rising out of it.

After clicking the Item Tool, you can then click any building or quarters with item slots to start equipping. This will immediately jump to the item list window on the left side. You can then pick which ones from there. And also unequip by clicking equipped ones in the same window.

SteamWorld Build - Using the Item Tool

The Item Tool is a useful way of seeing what buildings and quarters have items slotted to them. Especially if you’re trying to equip items to buildings or quarters that are empty.

With that said, that’s all there is to this SteamWorld Build guide on how to get rid of creep. Fortunately, creep isn’t that much of an issue once you’ve tracked down a Flamethrower. However, you will need to get creative with the Armory when tougher enemies appear.