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All SteamWorld Build Milestones Explained

SteamWorld Build - New Milestone Level

SteamWorld Build is a city builder unlike many other games in the franchise and has a leveling system that revolves around milestones. Once you reach a milestone, your city essentially levels up and new buildings then become available most of the time. This often leads to new Steambot needs as well as completely new industries to build.

If you’re interested in seeing all the different milestone levels alongside their requirements and building unlocks, I’ve put together a chart below. However, I only included the first unlock for Decorations since I didn’t think it was necessary to include each one. But, for those curious, new decorations seem to unlock when each new Steambot type becomes available.

Fortunately, the milestone levels are relatively simple to understand. They all focus on having a certain amount of Steambots and the type varies as you get deeper in the game. Such as going from the basic Workers to Engineers.

Milestone Level Requirements Buildings Unlocked
1 24 Workers Lumber Mill, Forester, Service Shop, Warehouse, Decorations
2 70 Workers Cactus Farm
3 120 Workers Charcoal Kiln, Train Station, Items
4 200 Workers Engineer Residential
5 1 Engineer Moonshiner, Glassblower, Sand Sifting Factory, Saloon
6 70 Engineers Paved Road, Toolmaker, Surveyor Office, Prospector Quarters
7 120 Engineers Pickaxe Maker, Sheet Metal Factory, Scrap Parts Maker, Mechanic Quarters, Workshop, Scrap Extractor
8 200 Engineers Bridge, Dirty Water Extractor, Surveillance Facility, Radar Machine, Water Purifier, Burger Meister, Cattle Farm, Wash Service
9 240 Engineers Aristobot Residential, Ironium Extractor
10 1 Aristobot Polymerisation Plant, Waxing Shop
11 80 Aristobots Sheriff’s Office, Oil Extractor, Armory, Guard Quarters, Diesel Plant, Oil Refinery, Hatmaker, Glass Wool Spinner, Thumper, Grenade Turret
12 120 Aristobots Steam Furnace, Caburizing Plant, Fine Dining Restaurant
13 180 Aristobots Flame Turret, Gas Extractor, Casino, Black Powder Maker, Sulfur Distillery, Gunsmith
14 240 Aristobots Scientist Residential
15 1 Scientist Maglev Road, Retrofit Shop, University
16 50 Scientists Sparkling Diesel Manufacturer, Lightning Turret, Lab Equipment Manufacturer
17 100 Scientists Vectron Scrap Extractor, Large Stuff Collider, Art Studio, Oil Paint Factory
18 150 Scientists Observatory
19 240 Scientists Rocket Fuel Processing Plant, Jetshroom Farm

That’s all there is to this short and sweet SteamWorld Build guide. Hopefully it helps you out if you’re wondering when you get a certain building or how long you have to reach the max milestone level. The early levels definitely tend to go by quickly. Even though the later ones can too if you take advantage of the right items.