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Battlebit Remastered – What Does Control Do?

Battlebit Remastered - What Does Control Do

Battlebit Remastered has a bunch of different stats for each weapon to give you an idea of how they work. And while you can tweak them with different modifications, there’s one stat confusing most of the community. This is where the common question comes in, what does Control do?

You’d figure it would have something to do with recoil, but it isn’t that simple. If that were the case, why would each weapon also have stats like Vertical Recoil, Horizontal Recoil, and First Shot Kick? This is why understanding what Control does in Battlebit Remastered isn’t simple. We’ve done our best below to get the answer while also including a video.

What Does Control Do in Battlebit Remastered?

The Most Common Theory That We’ve Tested

Battlebit Remastered - Sniping in the Shooting Range

Sniper rifles may have the highest sway while using a scope, but is it related to their Control?

If you take the time to search Reddit and dig through the Battlebit Remastered Discord, you’ll come across one common answer. The reality is, I don’t buy that answer since I’ve tested it myself alongside other players. Most people will say the Control stat impacts aim down sight(ADS) sway.

This would make you assume the lower the Control stat is, the more your weapon will sway while using a sight. Such as an iron sight, red dot sight, or scope, among others. However, the difference seems non-existent if this is the case, especially for non-sniper weapons.

Battlebit Remastered Gameplay Testing Control ADS Sway

For example, I tested the difference between an M249 with 0 Control to one with .40. I couldn’t notice any sway at all while using ADS. This leads me to believe it has nothing to do with ADS sway or perhaps works differently for weapons that aren’t sniper rifles.

The main thing contributing to the confusion around how this stat works is that the developer SgtOkiDoki stated in Discord, “It’s the weapon sway responsiveness” when asked. This vague answer tells us it’s clearly related to weapon sway, but still how?

Battlebit Remastered - Sniper Rifle Control Weapon Sway

Stabilizing your scope with Shift by default can help eliminate any swaying.

Aside from testing the M249, I also experimented with sniper rifles in the Shooting Range to see how different Control stats function. Similar to another Battlebit Discord user (Schmeckinger), I recorded significant differences in Control without much visible change in sway. You can see this in the video further up.

Then, out of curiosity, I tested an automatic rifle and a sniper rifle both with .31 Control to see if they’d have a similar ADS sway. Unsurprisingly, they don’t, because let’s be honest, that would be a bit ridiculous. If this weapon stat is working properly, then it clearly applies to each weapon differently despite the same amount.

Other Theories About the Control Stat

Battlebit Remastered - Holographic ADS Weapon Sway

While smaller weapon sights have a tiny amount of sway in ADS, it’s very minor.

Despite the most common theory being ADS sway, I’ve dug around for other potential answers about what the Control stat does. Here are a few theories I’ve found and you’re welcome to add to them in the comments below:

  • Impacts how quickly you can steady your aim. (Tried testing this and didn’t notice a difference)
  • How much your camera shakes
  • How difficult it is to drag back to where you were aiming before firing a shot.
  • Impacts ADS sway while moving. (Tested briefly but didn’t notice a difference)

For now, all we can do is guess at what “weapon sway responsiveness” means and how it applies to the different weapon types. My guesses are that it could be bugged, is so insignificant, or we genuinely have no idea what the Control stat does. In the meantime, I’ll be channeling Charlie Kelly in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia looking for Pepe Silvia.