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Terra Nil – How to Make Tundra

Terra Nil - How to Make Tundra

As you recover the environment in each Terra Nil stage, you’ll have to create a variety of biomes. This is why it’s important to understand how to make Tundra so you can complete the Polar region. However, it is possible to lock yourself out if you progress too far ahead.

We briefly cover how to avoid this in our 10 best tips and tricks guide. Therefore, make sure you follow our steps below and don’t accidentally get stuck. Otherwise, there is one workaround before you’re forced to restart the phase.

How to Make Tundra in Terra Nil

Getting Through the First Phase

Terra Nil - Restoring Wasteland in Polar Region

Try to balance your resource consumption and gain so you don’t lose.

Every Terra Nil region has three phases you go through in order to complete it. First, we have the restoration phase where your main goal is bringing the wasteland back to life. This typically includes creating a power source and then placing a bunch of Toxin Scrubbers.

For the Polar region, your main source of power is via Geothermal Plants that you can place on lava. If you don’t have a source of lava, you’ll need to use Seismic Detonators to activate Fissures. This will open the Fissure, creating a small pool of lava that may overflow into ravines.

Terra Nil - Using the Excavator to Spread Lava

Every map in Terra Nil is procedurally generated so you may or may not need an Excavator.

Another strategy is to create your own ravines using Excavators so the lava can flow to other areas. This will help extend your reach so you can place further Geothermal Plants. And eventually, build bigger biomes in the second stage when you need to make Tundra.

Getting Through the Second Phase

Terra Nil - Preparing to Make Ideal Tundra

The second phase can go back fast if you end up with snowfall too early.

Once you’ve restored enough of the wasteland and nearby water, you’ll unlock a whole new section of buildings to place. This is where things can get tricky when you’re making Tundra for the first time. At least if you don’t already have the perfect setup and aren’t running out of resources.

As long as you haven’t built Cloud Seeders to increase the humidity, you can likely start building Biodomes in Terra Nil. However, if your humidity rises above 35, you’ll no longer be able to build Biodomes. And as such, you won’t be able to make Tundra.

Terra Nil - Using Dehumidifiers to Reduce Humidity

Dry brush can help you get Ideal Tundra while also preventing early snowfall.

Fortunately, you can still lower the humidity by placing Dehumidifiers on greenery. This pulls moisture out of the surrounding area and creates dry brush. However, you can also use that dry brush to start fires for the Boreal Forest biome.

Even if you’re in the right window for making Tundra, you may still want to adjust your humidity if you’re not set up for Ideal Tundra. You can do this by getting your humidity between 0 and 25. Afterward, placing a Biodome will give you Ideal Tundra instead.

Terra Nil - Placing a Biodome Building

Setting up the perfect area can reward you with a lot of resources. And practically complete the biome requirement in one go.

Regardless, the requirement for placing a Biodome aside from humidity is that it needs to be on an Irrigator, on a hill. But, to get the most out of your placement, you’ll want to make sure there’s a ton of greenery nearby. This is because Tundra will only replace greenery and not Soil or Ashy Nutrients.

With that said, if you want to artificially create a good Tundra biome, you’ll need to use the Radial Excavator. This second tab building removes a portion of the ground so you can transfer it elsewhere. By doing so, you can create your own hill or at least extend one that already exists.

Terra Nil - Large Fire Burning Tundra and Greenery

One might say this is not a controlled burn in Terra Nil.

Just be careful to not accidentally torch your Tundra biome when creating Ashy Nutrients for the Boreal Forest. Unfortunately, the Tundra will burn up just as easily as your greenery and dry brush. This can be a pain when you’re tackling optional goals with high humidity that require backtracking for the Biodome.

That’s all there is to this guide on how to make Tundra in Terra Nil. As long as you don’t get snowfall before unlocking the Biodome, you should be okay. Otherwise, you’ll need to activate the custom difficulty and disable the setting, “Building unlock objectives”. Or you can restart the phase if you prefer. This problem happens because you can’t reverse snowfall and prevent it from solidifying lava.