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Sons of the Forest – How to Use Firewood

Sons of the Forest - How to Use Firewood

Players who got into Sons of the Forest early may have realized campfires would last practically forever. However, updates after the initial early access launch shortened that time significantly. Now you have to take advantage of everything you can leading players to wonder how to use firewood.

While you can easily make a campfire by breaking up a couple of small sticks on the ground, you can do much more. Such as adding rocks around the fire to reinforce it and potentially make it last longer. Especially if a group of enemies raid your base and destroy your setup!

How to Use Firewood in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest - Campfire With Rocks

Reinforce your campfire so cannibals don’t destroy it easily.

The first patch added by the developer mentioned making firewood more important for players to use. By the time I completed the Sons of the Forest story, I never even used firewood. Because at that time, campfires would last for days even if you didn’t fuel them.

This started to make me question whether there was any value in adding leaves or even cash to a campfire. However, with the first patch, I realized it was worth looking into how to use firewood. Due to how Patch 02 tweaked campfires, it’s definitely worth using leaves and firewood now.

Sons of the Forest - Adding Leaves to a Fire

Keep that fire going using a combination of leaves, cash, and extra wood.

Prior to Patch 02, I was skeptical of whether firewood helped keep a campfire going or not in Sons of the Forest. However, Patch 02 makes it seem like it’ll actually make a difference now. Regardless, here’s what you need to know about how to use firewood and also stacking it nearby.

It’s important to mention that there are several ways to chop your logs into firewood. There isn’t a right or wrong way to do it, so certain players may prefer to do it differently. Your main goal is to chop the log you have as small as possible until it becomes firewood. Here’s how to do exactly that!

How to Get Firewood in Sons of the Forest

Chop a large tree down so you can get a long log.

Sons of the Forest - Chopping a Tree Down

Split a large log horizontally from the side.

Sons of the Forest - Splitting a Log in Half

Chop half of the large log vertically.

Sons of the Forest - Chopping a Split Log in Half

Chop the two halves in half vertically.

Sons of the Forest - Chopping a Log Into Firewood

You’ll now have two chunks of firewood that you can add to a campfire.

Sons of the Forest - Placing Firewood on a Campfire

How to Stack Firewood in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest - Stacked Firewood

While firewood didn’t used to burn up in campfires, Patch 02 changed this so you’ll need to actually gather more.

Gathering a bunch of firewood to keep your campfire going isn’t a bad idea. But, you need somewhere to store it whether you’re doing it for the aesthetic or not. Here’s what you need to know to get that stockpile started.

Afterward, while holding at least one chunk of wood, look down at the ground and place it. Make sure you have enough room to the left and right of the wood you’re placing. This log pile can get decently large as shown in the screenshot above. Once you reach that amount of wood, you’ll no longer be able to stack anymore without creating a new pile.

That’s all there is to this quick guide on how to use firewood in Sons of the Forest. While campfires don’t provide a ton of light, reinforcing one with rocks and firewood can help keep it going. Plus, you may need that fire for cooking up some food. Otherwise, you can take advantage of standing torches for nearby light as well.