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Sons of the Forest – What Does the Cross Do

Sons of the Forest - What Does the Cross Do

Sons of the Forest has a ton of unique items that you can find as you explore its massive world. While you do need certain equipment to progress in the limited story, there are other useful items like the cross. Chances are likely you’ve found it if you’re here and are wondering, what does the cross do?

Before we dive into what this item does in Sons of the Forest, it’s important to mention that minor spoilers are below. This item has to do with the end portion of the game even though our guide doesn’t specify story details. So while there isn’t much to worry about in this guide, I still wanted to be upfront with readers.

What Does the Cross Do in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest - Cave Painting of Cube

The same cave that has a painting of a cube on a wall has the cross inside as well.

It’s possible you may find the cross in one of at least two different locations. First, one of the important caves you need to visit to beat the game also has it inside. It’s difficult to miss since a nearby light casts a large shadow of the cross onto the wall. Make sure you grab it since it does have a purpose despite seeming like it wouldn’t.

The second area you can find it is inside the final bunker for Sons of the Forest that leads to the ending. However, you’ll need to have the Maintenance Keycard if you plan on making it this far. Otherwise, if you’re like me, you’ll probably assume the cross does nothing and is just fun to shake furiously.

Sons of the Forest - Final Bunker Cross Spawn Location

If you didn’t find it in the cave, it can also appear on top of this bed backboard.

If you got the cross from the cave, you won’t find out what it’s for until much later. However, if you got it from the final bunker, you may have already found a note that tells us what it does. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do anything to cannibals so don’t bother trying to use it on them.

When exploring the final bunker you may come across the below note which paints a pretty obvious picture of what the cross does. As the note says, “Crosses Burn Demons”, you can assume that it’s great for dealing with demons. However, what the heck are demons if they’re not the many cannibals roaming Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest - Crosses Burn Demons Note

This is one of two notes that let you know what the cross does in Sons of the Forest. Try to ignore the creepy hand holding my hand.

It turns out the demons this note is referring to are only in a small area that leads to the ending. Before you can reach this small area, you’ll need to gather a bunch of different items to reach it. In order to avoid spoilers, we’ll simply mention that the demons are beyond a golden door hidden inside a bunker.

Once you make it beyond the golden door, you can start using the cross as a weapon against every enemy you’ll encounter. While they won’t be scared of it unless you click to use it, they will run away when you do. Otherwise, you can click multiple times while near an enemy to burn them. This is what the note is referring to.

Sons of the Forest - Burning a Demon With the Cross

Burn away those demons so you can beat Sons of the Forest and finish the story.

But honestly, if you don’t have the cross and have made it past the golden door, you’ll probably still be okay. The demons don’t deal much damage if you wear a unique set of armor that’s required here. And you can also just run past them unless you want to gather Creepy Armor from them.

With that said, while the cross is the best way to defeat demons, you can still use other weapons as well. It just has the benefit of dealing a lot of damage and also hurting multiple enemies at once.

Sons of the Forest - Shooting a Demon

There are always a number of useful weapons you can use if you never found the cross.

That’s all there is to this Sons of the Forest guide on what does the cross do? For a while, I assumed it was a useless item that didn’t have any purpose. But clearly, it’s one of the best weapons even if it’s only for a short moment.