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Sons of the Forest – Can’t Get Golden Armor Fix

Sons of the Forest - Getting Golden Armor After Stuck

Near the end game of Sons of the Forest there’s a bunker where you can get Golden Armor. However, it’s possible to leave this bunker through a cave where you can no longer return. While it can be disappointing to not get a cool set of armor, there are unfortunately bigger issues than that.

Despite some players thinking Golden Armor is the best in Sons of the Forest, it’s actually a key to open a secret door. Which means you’ll need to get that armor if you want to beat the game. This is an unfortunate realization I had when I left the bunker without grabbing it. Instead of being stuck like I was, there are a few solutions to fix this problem if you missed the armor.

Update (3/24/23): I haven’t had a chance to jump back in for Patch 02 yet, but it seems the developer changed the Golden Armor location. The patch notes mention moving it to a completely new cave system. Also, they supposedly removed the Sluggy blocking the bunker entrance. For now, I’ve kept the original guide information below but it isn’t as relevant now.

Original Article:

Solution to Get Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest - Sluggy Blocking Bunker Entrance

This is one Sluggy that you can’t blow your way past in Sons of the Forest.

For those of you that have already made it this far, you’ve likely seen the cutscene that triggers when you enter this bunker. Without saying too much, it leads to a small fight with the large blob creature, Sluggy. Afterward, Sluggy blocks the entrance to this area so you can no longer get inside from the front.

While you may be tempted to try and enter from the front by destroying Sluggy similar to other encounters, it doesn’t work. I tried using the many different axes I have as well as explosives since that’s usually how you take out a Sluggy. Unfortunately, this one won’t budge so you’ll have to find a different strategy to get the Golden Armor.

Build a Birdhouse to Get Back In

Sons of the Forest - Golden Armor Cave Exit

This is where you can find the cave exit to get back inside and up that ledge.

The guaranteed strategy to get you back inside is by building a birdhouse, oddly enough. You’ll need to return to the cave exit which is shown in the screenshot above. Once you gather the max amount of sticks, you’ll need to get started on that birdhouse inside the cave. Make sure you place it close to the wall where the ledge is that you dropped down from.

You’ll need 19 sticks to build the birdhouse so you’ll probably need to leave the cave to get more. The extra stick required is to place in the ground for the birdhouse to sit on top of. Even though the birdhouse placement can be finicky, you can place it on a stick without doing anything else.

Sons of the Forest - Birdhouse Tip to Get Golden Armor

While it can be tough to see in the dark, this is a Birdhouse right below the ledge.

Once you’ve finished building the birdhouse, you can hop on top of it, and reach the ledge now. This is easily the best strategy since it doesn’t require too much effort and it works. By all means, if you come up with another idea or simpler building, you can comment below the guide. Here are a couple of other options below.

Use the Rope Gun to Zipline In

Sons of the Forest - Rope Gun Tip to Get Golden Armor

Finding a good spot to attach the rope to on the ledge side can be difficult. So you may need to mess with it a bit.

This is the first way I got back to the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest even though it was a struggle. If you’ve made it this far, chances are highly likely you have the Rope Gun. And assuming you do, you can try to zipline your way back in through the cave exit side.

At first, I thought this would be the best strategy since ideally, you could just zipline back in. Unfortunately, you’re more likely to get knocked off the zipline by the cave walls. Which can make it practically impossible to zipline back up to the ledge. However, I placed the zipline almost vertically in front of the ledge and then jumped to it. 

Boost With Others in Multiplayer to Get the Golden Armor

Sons of the Forest - Getting Golden Armor in Multiplayer

I don’t have a screenshot for this strategy since I played through Sons of the Forest alone. But this is the view from the ledge.

The third strategy to get the Golden Armor if you’re stuck only works in multiplayer. But, while I haven’t tested it myself, I’ve heard it can work very well. My assumption is that only one person in multiplayer needs to have the Golden Armor for the secret door. So if you stand by the ledge and have another player jump on top of you, they can go get it.

The only issue is that one player has to stay behind since they’re the one boosting the other up. Although, if you’re only returning to the cave for the Golden Armor, this should be a quick run-through anyway.

That’s all there is to this guide on how to get the Golden Armor if you find yourself stuck. It’s definitely a frustrating dilemma to end up in since you can’t beat the game otherwise. On the bright side, one of our tricks is bound to help you get back in there.


Saturday 4th of March 2023

Just figured out you can just place a stick in the ground and jump directly on top and jump onto the ledge


Thursday 9th of March 2023

@Jeffrey Lerman, Its easy if you reinforce the stick with a few rocks.

Jeffrey Lerman

Sunday 5th of March 2023

I wasn't sure how well that would work since I've had it break when trying to. But if it worked for you, that's a heck of a lot simpler than building a bird house haha.


Saturday 4th of March 2023

Thanks :) I forgot the golden armor...

Jeffrey Lerman

Saturday 4th of March 2023

Hey Simon, yeah I completely missed it and was clueless on what to do for a bit haha