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Dreamlight Valley – How to Upgrade House

Dreamlight Valley - How to Upgrade House

When you first start Dreamlight Valley you’ll find your house covered by Night Thorns and need to clear it out. But afterward, it’ll still look all boarded up on the outside and need fresh paint. What can you do if you don’t know how to upgrade your house? That’s what I’m here for to help you understand it!

If you haven’t focused on completing quests for Scrooge McDuck, you’ll want to start now. This is because you’ll need to complete a few quests for him before you can unlock two useful features. Also, this requires completing quests for Goofy so you’ll need to make some progress. This leads to unlocking two features for upgrading your house both inside and out.

How to Upgrade House in Dreamlight Valley

Complete Three Quests For Scrooge First

Dreamlight Valley - How to Get Goofy

Take advantage of your new pickaxe to open up the second area. Aside from unlocking a new character, you’ll also find new resources too.

Before you can upgrade your house, you’ll need to find the Pickaxe as part of Merlin’s quest, The Dream Castle. This makes it so you can get to the Peaceful Meadow where Goofy is waiting in his house. The reason you can’t run over here right away is because there are large stones blocking the path.

However, once you find a Pickaxe, you can break them and head over to Goofy’s house covered by Night Thorns. Clear enough of them so you can get inside and unlock a new character for your town. Now you can get the Making Cents of Things quest from Scrooge if you don’t already have it.

Dreamlight Valley - Repairing Goofy's Stall

The one time you’ll ever see Scrooge McDuck give away something for free.

This sends you back to Goofy where you’ll need to complete a couple of his quests now. Once he brings you to his stall in the Meadow, he’ll mention that Scrooge’s construction company can fix it up. At this point, you can interact with the blue sign next to his stall to repair it for free.

Now you can sell items to Goofy to make some money. As long as you have 1,000 gold, you can return to Scrooge and invest in repairing his store. This is part of the Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Re-Opening Quest. If you’re struggling to make money, I recommend selling fish. Hold onto your gems for now if you get some.

Dreamlight Valley Economy 101 Quest

This is the final quest you have to complete to unlock house upgrades in Dreamlight Valley.

Once you’ve finished re-opening Scrooge’s store, you’ll need to do some more running around before the quest is complete. This leads to creating signs and flower pots for Scrooge before you get the quest you really need. After finishing Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Re-Opening Quest, talk to him again to get the Dreamlight Valley Economy 101 quest.

I know this can be a lot to take in, but don’t worry, we’re almost done and ready to upgrade your house! Now you’ll need to sell seven gems to Goofy’s stall in the Meadow. Even though the quest says to sell garnets, you can sell every gem type if I recall correctly. You can get them from rocks/mineral deposits stuck in walls. Deposits that have glowing gems visible are guaranteed, however.

Unlocking the First House Upgrade Feature

Dreamlight Valley - Unlocking House Elevator Upgrade

Spend gold to increase the size of your room as well as add several other rooms.

After selling seven gems to Goofy’s stall, return to Scrooge and he’ll mention installing an elevator inside your home. This is the first feature for upgrading your house, but it won’t fix those boarded-up windows quite yet. Once you enter your house, turn to the left where an elevator platform is. By walking onto it, you’ll enter a new menu where you can expand the inside of your house.

This will give you more room for placing furniture and eventually new rooms altogether. The first upgrade will cost 1,000 gold since Scrooge is only so friendly to make Goofy’s stall free. After upgrading your house via the elevator, return to Scrooge to complete the Dreamlight Valley Economy 101 quest.

Unlocking the Second House Upgrade Feature

Dreamlight Valley - Upgrading the Outside of House

It’s time to get rid of those boarded up windows and replace them with something nicer.

Even though Scrooge won’t say anything about it after you complete Dreamlight Valley Economy 101, you should return to your house. Similar to when you fixed Goofy’s stall and Scrooge’s store, you’ll have a construction sign outside your house. You can interact with it to fix up your house on the outside. This first upgrade makes your house look nicer for 2,000 gold and increases your chest storage.

House upgrades from here on in start to get expensive so you’ll want to get back to making progress in Dreamlight Valley. Over time, you’ll learn what items are best for making money. And even what plants to grow so you can afford everything you want. But, I recommend having fun and taking things slow since there’s no reason to rush.

Dreamlight Valley - First House Upgrade

Did you know you’ll even get some Dreamlight from upgrading your house? There are duties specifically for upgrading.

As explained in our guide on how to move houses, there are some fun tricks to take advantage of for making your life easier. Such as moving every plant to where you want for easier gathering. Otherwise, that’s all there is to this in-depth guide on how to upgrade your house in Dreamlight Valley. If you’re not sure How to Get Dream Shards, check our guide for help as well.