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Dreamlight Valley – Can You Move Houses?

Dreamlight Valley - Can You Move Houses

Getting your Dreamlight Valley town to look the way you want can take a little bit of fine-tuning. Even if you haven’t unlocked a ton of furniture, you may still want to shift around buildings and other obstacles in your way. This is a fun part of making the Valley look the way you want it to. Which leads us to the common question, can you move houses?

Fortunately, the developers at Gameloft likely understand how much players will want to design their town to make it unique. This is why you can move almost everything in Dreamlight Valley aside from the mountains or massive parts of the terrain. You can even use the furniture editor to move items you’ve dropped on the floor.

Can You Move Houses in Dreamlight Valley?

Dreamlight Valley - How to Move Houses

Deciding where to move your house in the Valley isn’t the only thing you can move.

Players can move houses relatively easily so there isn’t too much to it. This includes your house, new houses you’ve built for Disney characters, and even the ones already placed. Such as Mickey’s house or Goofy’s in the Peaceful Meadow. Or if you’d prefer to move something like Scrooge McDuck’s store, you can move that too.

For those of you playing on PC, you can press F by default to open up the Furniture menu. This will show a tab with several furniture categories, but that’s not important if you’re just trying to move objects around. Press F again or click the arrow to the right of this tab to put it away. This will make it much easier for you to see what you’re trying to adjust.

Dreamlight Valley - Moving Mickey's House

Don’t worry about where you build a new character’s house because you can always shift it to a different spot later.

All you have to do now is left-click on what you want to move if it’s moveable. Then, you can left-click again somewhere else to place it down as long as there is room. If there isn’t enough room, you may notice there are red tiles preventing it from being placed. If this happens, you can try to move the objects by hand or in the editor. Also, the bottom left of the editor will show controls for rotating the object you’re moving as well.

That aside, there are a few obstacles you won’t be able to move such as mineable rocks. This can be a little annoying when you’re trying to place a building or put your plan in motion. However, you can just run over to that pesky rock and mine it with your pickaxe. Assuming you’ve gotten the pickaxe from the first couple of missions in Dreamlight Valley.

Dreamlight Valley - How to Remove Mushrooms

Removing mushrooms in Dreamlight Valley unfortunately takes some progress before you can.

If you’re not sure how to remove plants like mushrooms, you’ll need to complete several quests for Merlin first. This is part of the mission chain that requires getting Dream Shards. But, you’ll need to get Merlin to friendship level 8 before you can permanently remove mushrooms. Therefore, you may need to work around those mushrooms in the meantime.

Even if you’re someone that doesn’t want to spend hours designing your town in Dreamlight Valley, there are plenty of useful reasons to. Such as moving all the apple trees or raspberry bushes to the same area. This can save you a bunch of time instead of running to several different zones to gather them

Dreamlight Valley - Moving Bushes and Apple Trees

Putting all your fruit and vegetable plants near each other will make it easier to knock out those Dreamlight Duties.

That’s all there is to this Dreamlight Valley guide on if you can move houses. Try to have fun with designing your town and get creative as you unlock new furniture and areas to explore. Don’t be afraid to move plants and structures to different zones as well. There’s no reason a house needs to be stuck in one area. Or if you’d prefer, you can even remove certain objects and toss them into your inventory.

Similar to the other keybinds that are visible when picking up an item in the furniture editor, you can press middle click on PC. While holding certain plants and furniture, a button will appear showing that you can stash it.