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Lost Ark – What is Knowledge Transfer

Lost Ark - What is Knowledge Transfer Guide

Leveling a character to Lost Ark’s endgame can be tiresome if you’ve already done it once. Understanding how to Knowledge Transfer is important so you can save time and continue having fun. Our guide on what is Knowledge Transfer explains how to unlock it, how to use it, and if it’s worth it.

This feature is a great method for skipping the main story and reaching endgame content quicker. Instead of only having two power passes, you can Knowledge Transfer a total of 36 times. Also, I’ve linked a video near the bottom of this guide if you’d prefer to watch the process instead.

What is Knowledge Transfer in Lost Ark

Lost Ark - Knowledge Transfer Machine Process

Learn how to boost your character to level 50 in exchange for some gold.

Before you can take advantage of a power pass or Knowledge Transfer, you’ll need to make a certain amount of progress. This requires reaching level 50 and completing the main storyline for the continent of North Vern. If you’ve unlocked a power pass, you’ll be able to unlock Knowledge Transfer as well.

By speaking with a certain NPC at your Stronghold, you can boost an alt character to level 50 in 8 hours. The main disadvantage compared to using a power pass for free is that this process also requires at least 600 gold. The cost depends on how much of Lost Ark’s story you want to skip for your alt. Each continent’s story cost is listed below

  • North Vern: 600 gold
  • Rohendel: 1,000 gold
  • Yorn: 1,400 gold
  • Feiton: 1,600 gold 
Lost Ark - Where is North Vern

Continue following the main story quests and then world quests until they lead you to North Vern. Completing this continent leads to Knowledge Transferring.

With that said, you’ll need to complete the story for each continent and reach a certain item level before unlocking it for Knowledge Transfer. For example, completing North Vern’s main story if you want to skip the story for that continent.

While I haven’t completed the process yet myself, it does state in-game that you’ll receive a level 302 Gear Chest. This is likely similar to using a power pass and getting a full set of item level 302 gear for your character. If this isn’t the case, you can still grab cheap items off the in-game market for a few gold if you don’t care about item quality.

How to Knowledge Transfer in Lost Ark

Lost Ark - How to Knowledge Transfer

You’ll only need to speak with Engineer Gothielf to knock out the tutorial quest. But, they do have some quick useful info.

Now that you know what this feature is, it’s important to explain how to Knowledge Transfer. As previously mentioned, to unlock the first continent, you’ll need to complete the main story for North Vern. The final required quest is Ealyn’s Gift.

Next, make sure your stronghold is at least level 5. You can typically reach this point by following the tutorial quests for understanding how it works. Otherwise, just continue following the blue quests given on your island. Once your stronghold reaches level 5, get the “Nothing is Impossible For Cykins!” mission from the Manor NPC.

Lost Ark - Where to Knowledge Transfer

You can find the Knowledge Transfer Machine below the lab as shown in this screenshot. It’s possible this area may be blocked off until you get the quest, but I don’t know for sure.

This Lost Ark tutorial quest sends you to the far left side of your stronghold where the Engineer Gothielf and Knowledge Transfer Machine are. You can jump down to the beach right below the lab to reach their small hut. After you’re finished with Nothing is Impossible For Cykins!, this system becomes available to use.

You’ll need to create a character and bring them to the Knowledge Transfer Machine to level them up. This requires unlocking the Song of Hearth and Home sheet/song so they can get there. Fortunately, you only need to complete a few quick quests in Prideholme to do so.

Lost Ark - North Vern Knowledge Transfer

You can only Knowledge Transfer to a continent that your alt has the required item level for. Assuming you have another character that has completed the main story there as well.

Once you’ve started the process with the Knowledge Transfer Machine, just wait 8 hours. Fortunately, you can log out of Lost Ark, play on the same character, or even a different one while the process continues. So don’t worry about needing to stay logged in or not do anything the entire time.

It’s worth mentioning that this will only complete the main Lost Ark story quests. Therefore, you can still backtrack and complete plenty of side quests for rewards. Such as roster experience or engraving books that you still need.

Is Knowledge Transfer Worth It in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark - Is Knowledge Transfer Worth It

While you should take advantage of both power passes first, this is the only way to skip the story otherwise.

If you’re debating Knowledge Transfer vs Power Passes, they’re both great to take advantage of. However, Knowledge Transfer will get you much farther since you only have two power passes to boost a character’s level. Once you’ve used those, you can take advantage of this system a total of 36 times. This includes nine characters for each of the four continents available: North Vern, Rohendel, Yorn, Feiton.

While the gold required for this system can be a bit pricey, it does become easier to get gold in the endgame. There are plenty of tricks for getting gold passively or more actively depending on how you feel.

  • Players bidding for items at the end of Chaos Gates and Field Bosses give some gold as a fee.
  • Completing Abyssal Dungeons
  • Completing certain island events
  • Selling items on the market like high item quality gear.

Video Walkthrough of Knowledge Transfer

YouTuber Dvalin has a great video walkthrough on how this system works below if you’d prefer to watch the complete process.

That’s all there is to our Lost Ark guide on What is Knowledge Transfer. You should never have to level a character back up to 50 the traditional way unless you want to. Be sure to visit more of the useful guides we’ve written below.