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Lost Ark – What is the Book of Coordination

Lost Ark - What is Book of Coordination

There are many reasons why people love playing MMORPGs like Lost Ark, and player-versus-player (PvP) battles are a big attraction. Duking it out with other people can be thrilling and a great way to improve your skills. This is where it helps to know what the Book of Coordination.

The Book of Coordination is one part of PvP that’s pretty important. It’s unlocked as soon as PvP is once you get through part of Luterra’s story, and it helps all players battle on even ground. This is the main purpose most players will use it for. However, there is also a tab for the Trial Guardian Raids and late-game Legion Raids.

What is the Book of Coordination in Lost Ark

Lost Ark - Proving Grounds PvP

Before you can take part in the Proving Grounds PvP, you’ll need to set up your Book of Coordination. Otherwise, you’ll be left wondering, why can’t I queue?

The Book of Coordination allows you to play around with your skills and optimize your build for battling against other players. You’re able to design different presets, and can even choose from skills that you may not have yet – including the coveted Awakening skills.

You can also boost your Combat Stats and skills to make your character stronger. This gives you quite a bit of customization options to play around with, which lets you figure out the best way to play your class for your playstyle.

Lost Ark - Book of Coordination Sorceress

Take advantage of trying different builds and Combat Stats to figure out what works best for you.

For example, you can see what a full-crit build looks like on a Bard in Lost Ark. While it’s generally not considered the best idea, you can experience for yourself just why you wouldn’t want to focus on those stats. This can help pinpoint what you want to prioritize without investing too much time farming resources.

A useful way to test your abilities and DPS is by visiting the Training Grounds. This can be a little confusing to get to if you’re not sure where to start. Fortunately, all you need to do is use the Song of Trixion to return to Beatrice. Speak with her and there will be a button to visit the Training Grounds.

Lost Ark - Training Grounds Practice

The Training Grounds are great for creating your own Lost Ark class builds or testing ones you’ve found online.

You can experiment with every skill here while also spawning a variety of monster types. Or if you’d prefer to spawn a training dummy, you can do that as well. Another neat tip regarding the Training Grounds is that you can equip any engraving here. Even though engravings aren’t available in the Proving Grounds.

How to Use the Book of Coordination

Lost Ark - Book of Coordination Soulfist

Whether you’re taking part in the Proving Grounds PvP or somewhere like Illusion Island, it helps to plan ahead.

Once you unlock the Book of Coordination, you can open it and start messing around with presets. You can choose your abilities from everything available to your class throughout Lost Ark, and there are even 340 points to allocate. Similar to how you would as you level up your character.

You also gain access to 1000 points you can put into your character’s Combat Stats between Crit, Domination, Endurance, Expertise, Specialization, and Swiftness. By optimizing everything, you can see the full potential of your class and get some great practice using your abilities. All while having a fun time fighting against other players.

Lost Ark - Proving Grounds PvP Modes

You can access the Proving Grounds by going to an entry board in town or by clicking the little coliseum button below your minimap.

The Book of Coordination is a great tool in Lost Ark that can help you learn your class better than any amount of story can. Did you know you can even see recommended skill upgrades by clicking the “Recommended” button on the Book of Coordination screen? Leave a comment below with how you plan to build your class!