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New World – How to Dodge Roll Animation Cancel

New World - How to Dodge Roll Animation Cancel

There’s a neat New World trick to take advantage of for running quicker that revolves around animation cancelling. This revolves around the dodge roll action and works for every equip load weight class. However, it definitely works best for those utilizing a light equip load.

Since the New World quests tend to have you running all over the map without a mount, this can be a great trick. And even if you’re not doing quests, you’ll want to know how this works for PvP as well. Because it can help you chase someone running away or on the contrary, help you escape.

How to Dodge Roll Animation Cancel in New World

New World - Dodge Animation Screenshot

You might not be able to tell but I’m currently rolling in this New World screenshot!

The way this trick works is that you cancel the animation that follows a dodge to prevent you from slowing down. If you don’t cancel that animation, there’s a short moment where you won’t be able to move. This can easily disrupt your flow slowing you down compared to someone who is using it.

Fortunately, it isn’t too difficult to take advantage of in New World. There are two different methods that are equally simple to utilize. You’ll need to either use your key binds for changing weapons or the one for holstering. I recommend changing your holster/Sheathe key bind to something you can frequently use like a side mouse button.

New World - Equip Load Mechanic Tips

Understanding how the equip load weights work is important since it can play a large role in your combat.

All you need to do is change your weapon or sheathe it right before a dodge roll ends. The window of opportunity to animation cancel here is relatively large. So just practice it a little bit in a safe area and you’ll likely be able to figure it out quickly.

With that said, it’s still important to never have your stamina hit 0. If it hits 0, you won’t be able to dodge roll until your stamina fills completely back up to 100. Therefore, you should roll once and then roll again when you’re above 50. Depending on your equip load weight, the stamina cost to dodge roll may vary.

  • Light Equip Load – 50 stamina to dodge
  • Medium Equip Load – 40 stamina to dodge
  • Heavy Equip Load – 50 stamina to dodge

The New World gameplay below starts out by showing a light equip load dodge roll without animation cancelling. Then, it shows the difference when using it and not running out of stamina.

As mentioned further up in this guide, you can animation cancel every equip load. However, you won’t see nearly as much of an improvement with the medium and heavy dodges compared to light. This is because those weight classes have a much smaller dodge that you can’t even consider a roll.

  • Light Equip Load Weight – 0-13
  • Medium Equip Load Weight – 13-23
  • Heavy Equip Load Weight – 23-50

That’s all there is to this New World guide on how to dodge roll animation cancel. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below for help. And I’ll do my best to get back to you if I can. Otherwise, be sure to visit more useful of the useful guides listed below.