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Legends of Idleon – How to Use Skills

Legends of Idleon - How to Use Skills Guide

Legends of Idleon is an idle MMORPG where it’s important to know how to use skills. You can take advantage of active skills for dealing more damage and in many cases, hitting multiple enemies at once. However, unless you assign them to your skill bar, you won’t be able to use them. Continue reading our Legends of Idleon guide below for how to use skills.

How to Use Skills in Legends of Idleon

How to Equip Skills

Legends of Idleon - How to Equip Skills

Before you can learn how to use skills, you’ll need to equip them first. Regardless of whether you’re playing on Android or PC, you’ll need to click the Talents button at the bottom of the screen. Then, head over to the Talents tab with the skill you want to equip. This will likely be on your class page, the second tab. However, the star tab also has active skills that you can equip too.

Once you’re on the right page, click the red banner to the left of the Talents window. This red banner says “Assign Attacks” on it, which is what we’re going to do. After clicking this banner, your skill bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. It should be empty unless you’ve equipped a skill already. Now, all you need to do is drag an active skill from the Talents window down to your skill bar. You can drag it to any slot that you’d like to use.

The skill slot doesn’t matter for AFK grinding, but it can help when you’re manually playing. So make sure to organize it the way you want or put them in the order you’d like to use them. Once you’re finished assigning each skill/attack, you can click out of the window. Or click the red banner again to get rid of the skill bar temporarily.

Now that you have your skills equipped, click the “Attacks” button with a sword slashing on it. This will show the skill bar again where you can click a skill to use it. As long as you have enough mana and it’s not on cooldown, the skill will then be used. If you want to use skills while AFK farming or offline, you’ll need to go into the settings. The next section of our Legends of Idleon guide explains how to do this.

How to Use Skills While AFK

Legends of Idleon - Enable AFK Skills

If you want your Legends of Idleon character to use skills while the auto option is enabled or while offline, this section is for you. First, click the Menu button at the bottom right corner while playing. Then, click the Options button to see several useful settings. The main one we want to enable in here is on the left column that says, “Use Attacks During Auto”. After you’ve toggled this setting online, simply exit out of the Options menu.

As long as you have skills equipped on your skill bar/attacks bar, they’ll now be used while AFK. This also includes when the Auto button is toggled on, where your character does a task automatically. It’s possible this setting is purely just for the Auto mechanic. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to be safe and make sure you have it enabled.

How to Unlock New Skills

Legends of Idleon - How to Unlock Skills

If you’re new to Legends of Idleon and haven’t unlocked any skills yet, you won’t be able to use them. Before even equipping a skill, you’ll need to unlock it with Talent Points. You’ll get points for every time you level up that can be spent in the Talents tab. Once you go to the Talents section, look below the window for an area that says “Available Points”. Or if you’ve clicked a skill, it’ll say “Points Left: #” near the bottom right corner.

If you have Talent Points available, all you need to do is click a skill and then press “Upgrade Skill”. This will put a point into that skill unlocking it for use. If it’s passive like most skills in Legends of Idleon are, it will automatically apply. And if it’s active, you’ll need to equip it to your skill bar as the first section in this guide explains. While every build varies, some content creators in the Legends of Idleon community often recommend only adding one point to active skills.

That’s all there is to this Legends of Idleon guide. If you have any other questions for us about anything regarding this idle MMORPG, feel free to ask in the comments below the guide. While we haven’t created many guides yet for Idleon, we do have another useful one here on how to mine gold.


Thursday 17th of November 2022

Hi, Thank you for your article "How to Use Skills in Legends of Idleon". I was wondering how to remove a skill from the skill bar. I'm sure other players could, like me, try a given skill, be unhappy with it and wouldn't want it to activate (and use mana) anymore. Again, thanks for the useful content. Yves.