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Legends of Idleon – How to Mine Gold

Legends of Idleon - How to Mine Gold Guide

Legends of Idleon is an idle MMORPG where it’s useful to know how to mine gold for higher tier gear. The early tutorial missions teach you how to mine copper ore, but they begin to fall off after that. This is where you’ll need to get some mining time in and pick specific talents for mining higher-tier ores. Such as iron ore or gold more specifically. Continue reading our guide below to learn how to mine gold.

How to Mine Gold in Legends of Idleon

If you’re new to mining in Legends of Idleon, you’re going to need mining level 25 before you can even enter the area where gold is. This is the Freefall Caverns, two zones to the left of the starter town in Blunder Hills. Once you enter the Freefall Caverns, work your way down each rope near the entrance. Then, back up the ropes on the opposite side until you pass the iron ore nodes and reach the gold ore nodes.

Now we’re going to discuss how you can check your mining efficiency to see whether or not you can mine gold ore. First, click a gold ore node so you can start mining it. At this point, it doesn’t matter whether you can get gold or not from it. Your character will start mining it regardless. Then, click the menu button at the bottom right corner. Afterward, go to the AFK Info button where it shows your mining efficiency.

Legends of Idleon - Gold Mining Efficiency

The Away Info/AFK Info window shows how several stats for how efficient your character is while you’re AFK. For example, how much ore you’ll get per hour, how much money, experience, e.g. But, what you really want to check is the “Efficiency Req.” near the bottom of this window. It shows 5%, 100%, and your current efficiency for this AFK task. We’ve listed the efficiency required for the first few ore types, including gold.

  5% Mining Efficiency 100% Mining Efficiency
Copper Ore 7.5 300
Iron Ore 50 2,000
Gold Ore 375 15,000

How to Increase Mining Efficiency in Idleon

Equip a Better Pickaxe

Now that you know how to mine gold, you’re probably wondering how to increase your mining efficiency. It doesn’t matter how long your character whacks away at a rock, they’ll need efficiency to get ore. For the purpose of this guide, efficiency is also referred to as Mining Power in certain areas. One example is under the stats for a pickaxe tool. This also brings us to our first tip.

Make sure you have a pickaxe equipped. As you reach higher tier ores, you’ll unlock new pickaxe types that have a higher Mining Power stat. For example, the Copper Pickaxe provides 8 Mining Power. But, you’ll need to have at least level 8 Mining. So don’t expect to toss your pickaxe on another character unless they’ve done some mining too. You can also upgrade your pickaxe to try and get more Strength on it. We talk about this more in the next section.

Increase Your Strength Talent

Our second Legends of Idleon tip for mining gold is to increase your Strength talent. This plays a direct role in raising your mining efficiency/power. If you don’t plan on putting any points into Strength on a character, don’t bother making them a miner. You’re better off creating a Warrior that benefits from the Strength stat most, while also being a great miner. This way you can dedicate a lot of your talent points to that stat.

Continue Raising Your Mining Level

Outside of pickaxes and talents, you can also increase your efficiency/power by simply raising your mining level. If you have more than one character, you should try to make sure your dedicated miner is mining often. They’ll continue gaining experience regardless of whether you’re playing. This is the advantage of an idle game like Legends of Idleon, especially since there are multiple characters. So you can still play even if you’re not on that character.

Upgrading Stamps and Statues For Mining Power

Legends of Idleon - Mining Stamps

The last two methods for increasing your mining efficiency/power are stamps and statues. To take advantage of these, head back to the Blunder Hills starting town. Here you’ll find the Pig NPC up top where you can spend money and resources to upgrade stamps. Depending on the stamp you upgrade, you can get all sorts of passive benefits. These vary from mining efficiency to more health. However, you’ll need to find the stamp first and bring it to this NPC before you can start upgrading it.

Before you can start bringing statues to the Town Marble NPC, you’ll need to buy Sculpting Tools from the shop. Unfortunately, you’ll need to do this for each character. But, it’s only 32 silver to do sculpt that marble into an NPC. Once you do, you can bring them statues for passive upgrades similar to the Pig. It’s important to mention that the stamps are across each character, but statues arent. This is why we recommend having a dedicated miner so you can pass relevant statues to them.

Before finishing this Idleon guide, I wanted to mention another method that I haven’t messed with yet. You can supposedly use alchemy bonuses in the second area to also help with mining. If you know anything about this, feel free to let us know in the comments to help others.

Otherwise, that’s all there is to this Legends of Idleon guide on how to mine gold. While I know it’s quite a bit, I wanted to make sure to point out every advantage. If people appreciate this guide, we’ll continue writing more about Legends of Idleon. And if you have a question, feel free to comment below and we’ll try to help.


Friday 23rd of July 2021

You need level 10 to get there.

Jeffrey Lerman

Monday 26th of July 2021

Good tip Michael, thanks for pointing it out!