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Eternal Return: Black Survival – Rozzi Build

Eternal Return Rozzi Build Guide

Welcome to our Eternal Return: Black Survival Rozzi Build filled with tips and tricks for learning and mastering her. This guide includes specific items to use, tips for how to use her skills, and other miscellaneous tricks you may not know. If you’re looking for general Eternal Return: Black Survival tips and tricks, we have those here too.

Skills With Tips
Build Items and Route
Rozzi Tips and Tricks

Learning Rozzi’s Skills

Eternal Return Rozzi Easy Shot Easy Shot (Q) Easy Shot fires in a straight line at an enemy, making your next movement a dash if you hit your target. This works for both players and animals. Easy Shot works well for both chasing and so-so for escaping, but you can’t dash through walls.
Eternal Return Rozzi Flutter  Flutter (W) Flutter deals damage around Rozzi, decreasing the defense of anyone nearby, and preventing both HP regen and healing from food. This also increases her movement speed and completely reloads her gun. This is skill is frequently maxed first and great for quick early game looting.
Eternal Return Rozzi Gun Vault Gun Vault (E) Gun Vault leaps over an enemy dealing some damage, with a second use to knock them back. The second use deals damage and stuns if the enemy hits a wall. While you’re in the air, you’re invulnerable.
Eternal Return Rozzi Semtex Bomb Mk II Semtex Bomb Mk II (R) Semtex Bomb Mk II is a short-range sticky bomb that attaches to an enemy or the ground. It slows the target if attached and will explode after a few seconds, shortened by all attacks dealt to them while attached.
Eternal Return Rozzi Dual Wield Dual Wield (Passive) Rozzi’s Dual Wield passive deals two basic attacks after she uses a skill. She also gains both SP and HP when eating or drinking chocolate foods.
Eternal Return Rozzi Moving Reload Moving Reload (D) The pistol weapon skill increases movement speed and reloads your gun. It also reduces the cooldown of other skills, not including your passive or weapon skill.

Rozzi Magnum-Boa Build Items

Eternal Return Rozzi Build Route

This Magnum-Boa build is courtesy of streamer/YouTuber Tomsorcer. It focuses on high attack power with a decent critical strike chance. While also utilizing a small amount of life steal via the Magnum-Boa. A good chunk of your damage comes from basic attacks, so make sure you’re weaving attacks in, in-between skills. Two rough parts of this build are not getting your Magnum-Boa until the third zone and needing three Scrap Metal. So long as you use your Flutter (W) to get around, you should be able to loot quickly. And make sure to use the hyperloop for teleporting to each zone.

As usual, an alternate build is listed below via scazzaf using the Electron Blaster. This is a quicker build with a focus on only three zones for getting everything. As a result, it has less damage than the Magnum-Boa build, but a significant chunk more health. If you try either build, be sure to comment below and let us know how they are.

  • Build Import Code (Magnum-Boa): 185700
  • Build Import Code (Electron Blaster): 178242
Magnum-Boa Attack Power +90, Attack Speed +25%, Movement Speed +0.1, Vision Range +3.5, Life Steal +20%, Max Ammo: 6
Optical Camouflage Suit Attack Power +10, Defense +20, Critical Strike Chance +22%, Skill Damage Reduction +10%
Motorcycle Helmet Attack Power +10, Max HP +300, Vision Range +1, Critical Damage Reduction +7%
Creed of the Knight Attack Power +30, Defense +20, HP Regen +1.5, Movement Speed -0.05, Critical Damage +25%
Magazine Max HP +350, Normal Attack Damage Reduction +6
Bucephalus Attack Power +5, Defense +5, SP Regen +1, Movement Speed +0.33, Critical Strike Chance +15%

Quick Rozzi Tips and Tricks

Eternal Return Rozzi Tips and Tricks

  • Rozzi’s combo order varies depending on the situation, but you can use R-W-Q-E-D. It definitely depends on whether you’re chasing, kiting, fighting someone melee or ranged, etc. For example, your Gun Vault (E) can only be used up close, while your Flutter (W) isn’t always worth using early since it reloads your gun. But Flutter still has a quick cooldown.
  • Your Easy Shot (Q) skill can’t be used for dashing through walls. However, it can still help significantly with kiting. It’s questionable for escaping since you may lose too much time stopping and shooting.
  • Flutter (W) is great for mobility, especially in the early game to out-loot other players. Drinking SP items along the way is definitely useful.
  • Learning the different chocolate recipes is useful for taking advantage of Rozzi’s passive.
  • Flutter (W) seems to be a common skill for maxing first right now, alongside Rozzi’s passive.
  • Between your Flutter (W) and Moving Reload (D), you’ll rarely need to reload, but don’t forget to in-between fights. Reloading is possible during many actions including resting.

My Opinion on Playing Rozzi

Eternal Return Rozzi Guide

I’m still wrapping my head around Rozzi with the current free rotation. Unfortunately, this leads to a decent amount of competition. But, with how quickly Nimble Neuron releases characters, people are already trying Luke instead. I love Rozzi’s mobility between both the Flutter and Easy Shot, but I’m struggling to get my full build quick enough. As goes with learning any character, it just takes time to memorize the route and key container spots. I can see her being a powerful character for those who can kite well while weaving in basic attacks.

I feel there’s a weird balance/tug of war between Rozzi’s playstyle and skills, however. You’re encouraged to kite enemies from far away, but your skills suggest playing close instead. I can’t imagine Gun Vault getting much use unless you’re on top of an enemy. Regardless, Rozzi is another interesting mobile character in Eternal Return.

If you’re playing Eternal Return: Black Survival and have some Rozzi tips of your own, be sure to let others know in the comments. And if you’re looking for more content, we’ve got a tier list guide here based on win rates. Or if you’d prefer some tips on leveling quickly, we’ve got that here too.


Saturday 20th of March 2021

Hey there! Just tried the magnum boa build (and rozzi), and as a total beginner to the game, it lead me to my first win. I had a hard time finishing the weapon, but i managed to evade ennemies untill then. After that, I got 7 guys before going into the final showdown. Thanks fot he build man!

Jeffrey Lerman

Saturday 20th of March 2021

Glad to hear you pulled off a bunch of kills Resart, good stuff!